Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday Spring Cleaning- Spring Cleaning Cravebox

It is that time of the year, Spring Cleaning.  This is my first year in our home and we have been here since October, and I am feeling like Spring Cleaning is in order.  Additionally, my other half would probably appreciate me going through my wardrobe, getting rid of some things, and putting away some my winter items away.  This has always been hard for me, as I always think I need everything out and ready to go, and I always think I will wear that piece of clothing one day, so why throw it out.  I hope I am not the only one with this problem.

I recently received Spring Cleaning Cravebox, which is my inspiration for my Spring Cleaning Tirade. I am slowing but surely getting some inspiration for Spring Cleaning and organization from Pinterest as well.

Idreamofclean.net Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Icanteachmychild.com Great motivation and organization ideas for cleaning up kid items.

Arizona Foothill Magazine made me want to redo my whole closet! Spring Cleaning my closet!

Spring Cleaning Cravebox

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

This is by far the best glass cleaner I have ever used, it also does a good job of cleaning stainless steal. One of my first tasks for Spring Cleaning will be to clean all the windows, and all appliances. This really is not a Spring Cleaning thing, as it has to be done on a normal basis, but getting some glass cleaner is my motivation.

Gain Laundry Detergent

This will be perfect for cleaning my clothing that has been stored away. Additionally, in my household we go through so much laundry detergent, you can never have too much on hand.  I think Laundry is a never ending cycle. May I add, where do all those socks go? Do others have this sock monster problem like we do at our house?

Woolite Dry Cleaner

This was the best part of the Spring Cleaning Cravebox, as I have plenty of clothing pieces that only can be dry cleaned. I am hopeful this will work wonders.  Ready to wear in 20 minutes, perfect. Spring Cleaning my work attire as well!

Disposal Care

Another great product in the Spring Cleaning box, the disposal sometimes gets forgotten, and I am notorious for putting things in the disposal I should not. Hopefully these Disposal Care items will clean that disposal right up!


Along with all these great Spring Cleaning Items Cravebox also included the following Coupons:

Two $1 off coupons for Disposal Care
Two $2 off coupons for Woolite
Coupon for Sprayaway Glass Cleaner; and
A Coupon for a Free Spot Shot (This stuff works wonders for stains on carpets. I highly recommend it!)

I think it is just as important to keep your household healthy and clean,, as it is your family and yourself healthy and in tip top shape, that is why I have included it in Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday. Any helpful hints, tips or recommendations for spring cleaning and organization please share.  Anyone else on a Spring Cleaning Mission?

Until next time

Stay Tickled Pink,

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