Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review of New Subscription Doteable and a GIVEAWAY

It really does not seem that long ago that I was in college, and I remember I was getting care packages from my parents.  I remember it was so great getting those care package from the parents.  I especially appreciated these packages in my first year, as it was tough being away from home; I was used to mom doing my laundry; I also was used to Dad’s cooking (Yes, Dad is the chef in my household, and I very good one may I add).  Being away from home you did have all these great luxuries.  Care packages was like getting a little piece of home , while being away from home.

I recently came across this great subscription called Doteable, and I was immediately interested. I only wish that this was around when I was in college.  (I will still be buying these great duffels for myself however.)

What is Doteable, you ask?

Doteable is subscription that finally allows parents to take a well earned break while the kids are in college.  Leave it to Doteable, and they will take care of sending that care package off to your student. Each month Doteable will send a duffel full of what your kids needs in college, and a some extra goodies as well.

Doteable has two types of packages; an original duffel and a mini duffel. Each duffel is customized to either a guy or a gal as well.

The Classic Duffel cost $45 per month, and includes:



a pair of soft underwear or for Guys a pair of boxers
a pair of socks or tights
a shaving razor
core items (such as t-shirts, scarves, and long sleeve shirts)
unique Doteable deliveries that we've tested and love, worth over $70
a duffel bag
free shipping

The Mini Duffel cost $15 per month and includes:



Everything you love in the classic dorm duffel, pared down to two essentials and a surprise goodie.
soft underwear or Boxers for Guys
a pair of socks
a pair of tights for Gals
shaving razor

Gals Mini Duffel that I received from Doteable

Aerie  Boybriefs

I am loving these tropical, “I am on vacation”, boybriefs from Aerie. It is like Doteable has picked these out just for me, and while yes, I know I am not in college still, I love these boybriefs. And best of all the print, along with the lace detail on the side, is just so cute. I think that boybriefs are the perfect pair of underwear for that gal at college, and  for sure the ones the parents would be sending along in a care package. Online I found that the Aerie boybriefs cost about $7.50.

Zorrel Women's Syntrel Extreme Moisture Wicking Training Shorts

These are  just the best shorts ever. Honestly, I have to say WOW, these shorts alone are about $15. The shorts alone pay for the cost of how much this Doteable Mini Duffel costs in theirselves.  I have never heard of Zorrel, but after reading some reviews they are one of the best: Made of Microfiber, Extreme Moisture Transport, Lightweight, have a silky feel, regulate body temperature, are stretchy, and wind resistant. Perfect running shorts. I love these, and I know I would have equally loved them when I was in college as well. This is a great pick to send to that hard working college student, whether they are lounging at home or going on a run to relieve all the stresses of cramming for tests and doing homework.

Kleancolor Matte Nail Laquer in Saavy Pink

Great color with a perfect name. What gal in college would not like to get a nice nail polish to top off a care package? I know when I was in college I was not going to get manis and pedis,  so my only option was doing the manis and pedis on my own. Nail polish is a perfect little treat!
This Kleancolor Nail Laquer costs about $3.49 online.

Bonus Doteable Sticker

Cute as a button it is!

Can you believe that all totaled up this box contained about $26 worth of great items, which is absolutely fantastic since this box only costs $15. I am thrilled about Doteable. I cannot believe that Doteable has not been around forever, but now that it is I am excited to see what future boxes  will hold.  I will most definitely be signing up to the full size Doteable soon.


Doteable is so awesome they are giving one of my lucky readers a 3 month Mini duffel subscription! Whoo hoo! How awesome is that? Just make sure you use my rafflecopter below to enter! A winner will be chosen on May 31st!

What do you think of Doteable? If you would like to sign up for Doteable yourself, or know a student out there who needs a little love in the form of a Doteable care package, or you know some parents who would really love to take advantage of Doteable’s wonderfully curated boxes, you can sign up or learn more HERE.

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