Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bravo Bonjour Jolie! The "Grand Opening Box" Review

I have been looking forward to sharing with you this new women time of the month box, as it has now been been declared by me to be the best T.O.M. box that I have received. I would venture to say that this is not just a women's time of the month box, but a mixture of beauty, bath and treats. This combination is just right, and perfect to make a women feel special.  What monthly subscription you may ask, well this amazing subscription is Bonjour Jolie. 

Bonjour Jolie graciously has given me the opportunity to review their first monthly box, the “Grand Opening Box”. And, what a wonderful Grand opening box it is. I just want to say right away, that this box just blew me out of the water. If this first box is a taste of what is to come, then I cannot wait to see the boxes in the future for Bonjour Jolie.

Without further ado, I present to you the first...


The first items are the women’s time of the month items, tampons and pads. They were presented in a great bags. It was hard for me to want to tear them open, as I love the design. With Bonjour Jolie, they give you options on what type of products you would like in your box, whether it be a regular type tampon to a super, or a winged pad or light non-winged type pad.

Then we get to all the little added goodies that make Bonjour Jolie just stand out in my mind.



Yummy! I know that many women get a sweet tooth during their time of the month, and why shouldn't you be treating yourself with the very best gourmet chocolate. Well, Bonjour Jolie thinks that you should do just that. Thus, 2 Chicks Chocolate! As Bonjour Jolie explains, 2 Chicks is a company that was also started by a mother and daughter just like Bonjour Jolie. Each 2 Chicks box contains handmade truffles,  in the following flavors: dark chocolate mint; milk chocolate cappuccino, Dark Chocolate hazelnut, and Milk Chocolate Truffle. I have tried one so far and it was delicious!


I have never heard of Pukka, but I am liking that they were included in this box, as I love tea.  Pukka, meaning “top-quality”, is a perfect addition to this box. Each tea packet is themed: night time tea; revitalize tea , love tea; relax tea; and cleanse tea. While I am not quite the chocolate eater, I really enjoy a nice cup of tea. These Pukka teas smell wonderful, and I cannot wait to try them out.

Bonjour Jolie has also added some PAMPERING yourself Items. 



Bonjour Jolie is definetly going down the check list items ladies need to feel their best, even during their time of the month.  I love to pamper myself with a nice bath and what better way to make that bath even more wonderful than adding some bath salts. These Zum JuJucuzzi Geranium Bath salts smell great, and they are homemade. I will definetly be enjoying these bath salts.


I was very excited to see this in the Bonjour Jolie Box, as I had just received a little pack of these from my mother a couple months ago. However, I had already taken advanctage of these wonderful eye pads, and was just about to go out and buy some more. However, here comes Bonjour Jolie to the rescue. These will come in handy on those days that my eyes need a little pick-me-up after a restless nights sleep or while lying in a bubble bath (with my bath salts). Another great item Bonjour Jolie Team!


I love Hempz lotion. I only have used their after tanning lotion, so I was thrilled to see a new item I could try out. This is made with 100% pure organic hemp seed oil and natural extracts, which are combined to improve the condition and health of skin. There is nothing better after a relaxing bath than putting on some great lotion.


And while I am in my nice relaxing bath, Bonjour Jolie has provided some top of the line salon grade shampoo and conditioner to accompany their first box. I have already tried this shampoo and conditioner out and it smelled great.


How did Bonjour Jolie know, I love Lavender. This little sachet, is perfect for a drawer to keep with your undergarments. So after a nice relaxing bath, or any time, you can put something on this smells great! Very nice finishing touch to Bonjour Jolie box.



Bonjour Jolie has also provided a little something to keep you looking beautiful. What better than a little lip gloss, to keep those lips looking fantastic. And, I love Stila.  Like everything else in the Bonjour Jolie box this was another favorite! (Yes, I loved everything in this box)!

Bonjour Jolie also provided to packets of Advil if you are like me these will come in handy during those less comfortable days during the time of the month.

Overall, Bonjour Jolie has put forth quite the AMAZING spread for their  “Grand Opening Box”. I am so very impressed with the thoughtfulness that was put into each aspect of this box. Not only were the content of the box just wonderfully curated,  but the presentation of the box was fantastic as well.  As you can see in my pictures Bonjour Jolie put all the items in colorful satchels, and finished it off  the box with rose petals! My first thought when I opened up the box was that I felt appreciated, and that Bonjour Jolie cares about their members/customers. Outstanding!Additionally, after some correspondence with the Bonjour Jolie team, I also can say they have great customer service, which makes them just stand out above many others.  

If you are interested in this time of the month box, you can find out more about Bonjour Jolie on my post HERE or on their website HERE

Each month it costs $16 per month through Bonjour Jolie, and you get well over $30 worth of items in each box. What do you think, will you be subscribing to Bonjour Jolie? I foresee membership for this box going quickly.   I do not know if there are limited spaces like some subscription boxes,  but I would not want to miss out on this amazing new subscription box.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


  1. Amazing review, humbling really! Thank You Stephanie! -De

  2. This is really a great concept and it seems very well executed! I think that the unique proposition of time-of-month / pampering box is going to attract a lot of subscribers... Thanks for the review.