Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pink Beryl Review

Well I am really sad to say, but Pink Beryl has gone on vacation for awhile. They are taking a break during the summer months, and will be back in September.

Pink Beryl is perfect for the on-the-go business women. I love that I have tights available each month for work. The only tights I have bought since being a member of Pink Beryl were nude tights. However, I would consider those more nylons. I do not like nylons, but lets just say someone needs to get a little sun before she shows these babies off on their own!

Okay back to the tights...

Both my pairs this month were very similar. And to tell you the truth I do not even remember making the picks this month. So these are the picks the Pink Beryl made for me. They did an okay job!


This pair I am not too sure about. While I love that they are black. I am not sure if I could wear these to work and get away with it, or if I am bold enough. What do you think?


These are just my style. I love the preppy look to them, and again they are black, which matches my wardrobe perfectly. The best part, is that I do not have any tights with this type of design. The little accent bows are just the right touch!

Overall, I am been the biggest fan of Pink Beryl since I started their subscription. I am a avid tights wearer, and I cannot wait for them to come back from their summer break. At $20, I think this is a great deal on tights. These are very high quality tights, and I have yet to ruin any of my pairs. And trust me, if you give me a pair of tights I usually can run them in one day!

If you want to be on their wait list for September, please sign up HERE. And make sure to check out all their tights. Great Stylish tights at a great price.

Stay Tickled Pink,


  1. it appears they never came back... :(

  2. Hey Catherine, try out HauteLegs. It's the original tights & leggings sub site- they're fab and have been around for a couple years now!