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Carefree Crafts Mother's Day Box Review and Promo Code

We really do love getting these craft subscription kits for kids. This month we got the opportunity to try out Carefree Crafts. What I really enjoy about this kids craft subscription is that Carefree Crafts is great for kids of a wide variety of ages (preschool to elementary), each project does not take much time, as many kids do not like to sit still for too long, and the Carefree Crafts kit includes everything you need to complete 5 great crafts.

Each monthly Carefree Crafts Box comes with 5 ready to go projects, and costs $14.95 each month. Carefree Crafts also has the option of purchasing individual craft kits on their own.

Carefree Crafts comes from a mother of three small children, and as a mother , Carolyn, the owner of Carefree Crafts, wanted to curate a box that allowed parents  to spend fun time with their children and not have to run around a purchase the supplies ahead of time.  Each kit also helps kids develop their fine motor skills, imagination and helps grown-ups get  their kids away from the technology surrounding us today, promoting kids to use their creativity.

 Carefree Crafts May Mother's Day Box
( 5 activities, plus 1 extra bonus craft included in May’s box)


This flower pot was our first project, and while we really loved the 3 designs that came with the pot, our little one decided that this pot was going to be for Grandma. I love that this pot also came with the markers as well. This was our favorite out of the box.


What a great idea. We are looking forward to making this Memo Board, and I think the little one probably will love practicing her shapes and drawing on this neat dry erase board.


This was a perfect addition to this kit. This was the second project we completed. The Carefree Craft came with glue to complete some of these projects, and I think our little on was more excited about the glue. For a preschooler, this took a little more grown up attention, but was a lot of fun. Here is our finished Mother’s Day Flower Card.


Our little one loves coloring,  so these, along with the markers were perfect for her to use her coloring skills.


This was a perfect project to work on those fine motor skills. We had a great time putting this together, and our little one loved all the color beads.  This was a great project for a gift for Mom.  Our finished Project below.


This looks like so much fun, however, we have set this aside for a project with Daddy on a rainy day. I have a feeling this one is going to take a little more time, and perfect craft activity to do with Daddy..  Very excited to see the finished project.

We had so much fun with our Carefree Crafts kit, and loved that this kit included everything needed to complete each project. Our Mother’s Day/ Grandma gifts were a hit, and we had so much putting together the couple that we could, and look forward to finishing up the other projects as well. 

If you are interested in getting a kit for your little one, you can find out more information about Carefree Crafts HERE. And best of all you can get your first kit now for $5.95, if you use Promo Code SAVE60. What do you think of Carefree Crafts? 

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 *  I did receive this box for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions are expressly my own. I only blog about and review products that fit my personal style.

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