Monday, January 21, 2013

Subscription Box Love… Birchbox January 2013

I love monthly subscription boxes. 

I have found that subscription boxes are a great way to try new products, and not spend the money on a full price item. Why spend the money on a full price item, and then later find out that you just do not like it that much?  I have been very pleasantly surprised in the last few plus months with the Birchbox subscription box. January will be my 6 month with Birchbox, and they even sent me a 20% off coupon for my 6 month birthday. Birchbox also provides great tips and tutorials for makeup, men’s products, and they also have accessories/decorations etc. for the home. Birchbox is a little piece of goodness, that  tickles me pink every time I go to the website. 

Each Birchbox is $10. And you get in each box about 5-6 items, ranging from makeup, hair products, and face cleansers to fortune cookies. Unlike some subscriptions boxes that give their members the same items, Birchbox sends many different boxes to their members. It is always exciting to see what box I will get each month.

Here is my January 2013 box, which was fantastic

 Items in the box included....

theBalm® cosmetics Hot Mama Shadow & Blush All-in-One
·         Illuminating powder blush, highlighter, and shadow combo. Wear it on your cheeks, your lids, and wherever you want to add a dose of shimmery warmth.
·         I have tried it has a blush and on my eye lids and it is very nice and subtle. I have a medium complexion and probably is a little more subtle than on lighter skin tone. All in All I say it a great product.
·         Full Size version is $20.00

Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo

·         Black currant and soy restore vibrancy; acai berry and vitamin C deliver youth-boosting antioxidants; Oolong tea and Irish moss defend against environmental damage; and lemongrass and oatmeal gently cleanse and purify. This shampoo is also vegan friendly and free from sulfate/sodium chloride and parabens.
·         I tried this the other day and it is nice. The smell is a little different than what my normal hair shampoos smell like, but the after effects left a great clean and fresh smell to my hair.
·         Full size version is $32.00

Lashem Meaurable Difference Lash Gel Serum

·         The double-patented formula features a roster of high-tech ingredients to give you longer, lusher, and more enticing lashes.
·         I am excited to try this, who dosent want longer and lusher lashes. I will follow up after I have tried.
·         Full size version is $69.99 (WOW I am glad I get to sample this first. Great item in January Birchbox!)

Harvey Prince Skinny Chic Perfume

·         The dominant note of crisp green apple is tempered by marine mint and lovely lotus blossom. In the background, notes of grapefruit, bergamot, fennel, white cedarwood, amber, and iris mix and mingle.
·         Have not tried yet, but it has a great smell.
·         Full size version $55.00

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

·         This rich cream is designed to beat dryness for 24 hours, thanks to a unique Super 7 Complex of plant extracts. Lotus flower extracts and blue-green algae firm skin and prevent wrinkles, while hibiscus fruit extract hydrates skin from the inside out. Fig fruit extract helps skin retain moisture, and vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants. Finally, vegetable glycerol creates a natural moisture barrier on skin.
·         I tried it last night, and it goes on very smooth and clean feeling. I do not like a face cream to leave me feeling like there is a lot of residue or oil afterward, and this did not. I will have to keep using it and see the effects.
·         Full size version $42.00

Overall the January Birchbox was outstanding. I love that there is a range of products I can try, from perfume and makeup to shampoo. I look forward to more Birchboxes! You too will be TICKLED PINK with the Birchbox, give It a try, you can sign up HERE!

Stay Tickled Pink,

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