Friday, June 14, 2013

Stylemint Summer Escape Mystery Bag Review

I think I have been on a clothing subscription binge lately, haha. There is just something about getting nice new clothing that I just love. I am hopeful that I am not in this boat alone ladies and gentlemen out there.  I have really been wanting to get some clothing pieces from Stylemint. I just was not sure.  Then, they had the Stylemint Summer Escape Mystery Bag. And, I cannot resist a Mystery Bag, so I was in.

The Stylemint Summer Escape Mystery Bag cost 34.99, and each mystery bag was guaranteed to have at least 3 clothing  items per bag and could have included up to 10 items - up to a $300 value. My mystery bags had exactly 3 items...

My Stylemint 
Summer Escape Mystery Bag

Rosebud Shirt

I think this shirt is cute. Good for work or play, and you cannot go wrong with an off-white shirt. On Stylemint right now this shirt is on sale for $19.99

Harvey Tank

I was not too sure about this Harvey Tank because of the tie in the front. However, I wore it with a nice work skirt the other day, and it is cute. I guess you cannot really go wrong with black.  On the Stylemint site I saw that this shirt  is  now on sale for $15.99.

Dahl Tank

While the picture online of the Dahl tank is not yellow like the one I received in my mystery bag, this is the closest tank I could find to the one I received.  This is a great tank, and it was super cute on. The Dahl tank online is $29.99.

Ticked Pink Opinion:  All the items in the Stylemint Summer Escape Mystery Bag totaled about $66, so I am pretty stoked about getting this bag. I think the shirts are great quality and I thought they were cute.  Additionally, the mystery bag did not cost that much, if you compare how many shirts I received. I have not seen any reviews online of anyone getting a bag with more than 3 clothing items though, so I have to wonder if they actually exist.  However, there is a lesson to learn here;  I did get a little too excited about this mystery bag and ordered another one, and received the exact same items in my second bag. Big bummer!

The Stylemint Summer Escape Mystery Bags are still on sale if you are interested, and you can get yours HERE

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