Monday, June 10, 2013

I-Ella the List Starter Bag- Left me Wanting More

I was so excited about this box when I first started to receive it a couple months ago; however, as the months have passed I have become a little more disappointed. I received my June I-Ella the List Starter Bag this weekend, and I must say I was expecting a little more. I think it may be that I-Ella the List set the bar so high in my first starter bag, that I expected the same caliber of products in all my Starter Bags from I-Ella each month.

This month's theme was Weekend in the Hamptons, specifically, my letter from I-Ella was titled "Lunch in Southampton" (What will you wear?) The cost of the I-Ella the List Starter Bag is $59 plus shipping cost each month. 

I-Ella the List also has two other options: The Soho Bag ($129 plus shipping) and the St. Barth's Bag ($389 plus shipping) per month. 

Here is my...
June I-Ella the List 
Weekend in the Hamptons Starter Bag

While I really do like this necklace, I really am amazed at the pricing of the necklace. Do not get me wrong though, I know even the simplest piece of jewelry can be worth a lot. This is very pretty and dainty, and I know I will wear this.

I was looking over the Medi-Tan website and noticed they had sunless tan products, and while I do love getting tanning oil, it is not quite sunny enough Seattle, to be needing any tanning oil. However, as it gets sunnier I will most definitely be able to use the three samples I got, whether it be myself or for friends and family.


I received two samples of the lotion and one sample of the oil from Farmhouse Fresh. I am excited to try these products out as they were on Oprah’s Favorite things list in years prior.


This is the same product that you saw and should have seen in my last couple reviews of the I-Ella the List Starter Bag. That you can read HERE. And while I really do love these towelettes, I really would like to see something different.

I was super excited to receive this subscription bag/box this month, however, this month's I-Ella the List Starter Bag left me just wanting to see more. My very first starter bag cost the same, but included $205 worth of fantastic products, including a fabulous Sam & Lavi Dress, as seen below.  

My next I-Ella the List Starter bag included $123 worth of wonderful products. And this month I-Ella the List Starter bag totaled $90 worth of products. I see a trend unfortunately. 

Overall, I really hate to complain, as it seems , after researching, that what I received in my Starter Bag was worth the price I paid for I-Ella the List Starter Bag. Unfortunately though,  I would never actually pay $59 for a little necklace and bath and body samples. And I would have loved to find some clothing instead. To be honest, that is why I keep signing up for I-Ella the List subscription. I find myself now debating on whether I should keep my subscription or not. 

What do you think of this month’s I-Ella the List Starter Bag, the Soho Bag or the St. Barth's Bag? If you are interested in learning more about I-Ella the List monthly subscription or signing up, you can check out I-Ella's website HERE.

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  1. I'm sorry, but that's a huge disappointment. A necklace and some useless tanning oil? You should've at least received one article of clothing. I would've been furious if I got that! Glad I cancelled my subscription.

    1. I know I was pretty upset, they set the bar pretty high with my first box.

  2. This subscription is one I've thought about for a while but I've seen SO many reviews and bags that are such disappointments (and the customer service horror stories on MUT.... Omg). I'm spoiled (haha!) and would sign up for the St. barth's bag if I was going to do it. I wonder if they are keeping the "good" stuff for the higher end bags?? Doesn't leave me with much faith in the company, even having thoughts like that. I'll be surprised if they are around much longer. This bag for $60 would have ticked me off.

    1. I have seen and heard the St.Barth's Bags are the way to go. I have seen some great items, that I would have loved to get in any of my bags. I do think you are right that they are saving the good items for these bags now. However,if they were planning on reducing the quality of the Starter Bags, than they should have not set the bar so high with the first bag.

  3. After seeing this starter bag I DO NOT WANT THIS AT ALL!! uughhh this was gonna be my first month but im glad they havnt shiipped mine at all ! I just files a complaint in pay pal...i swear i see them same sample packets in evry bag I HATE SAMPLES!!! this is an outrage

    1. Yeah this one was pretty bad. Such a bummer though because my first bag was awesome.

  4. I was dumb enough to get the SoHo bag - HIDEOUS.

    Never, ever again.

    1. Any clothing in the Soho bag at all? Such a bummer all the disappointed subscribers this month.

  5. Just tht you should know that's actually the may bag..the June bag's theme is New York Sample Sale