Monday, June 3, 2013

Juniper to the Rescue- T.O.M box Reviewed

Juniper is just one of those boxes that I was so excited to try. Not only was it a women’s time of the month box, but  Juniper also sends your womanly time of the month essentials with treats. Yes, treats. Um, hello, yes please!

What is Juniper you ask?

Juniper  is a women’s time of the month subscription that allows you pick your tampon/ pad/ panty liner brand. Just tell Juniper when you get your period, and then within days of your time of the month comes Juniper to the rescue with all the essentials you need to survive, plus extra goodies.  And, if you are off on the day you start you just text you BFF through Juniper's special BFF program, and they will record the date for you.  Now that is service.

May Juniper Box


You get everything you need to survive during that time of the month.. And I am sure if you need something extra or do not need something the next month, you can always send Juniper an e-mail, and customize for the next month. From what I have experienced, Lynn over at Juniper is great at what she does, and she provides superb customer service!



This was a great natural lip balm, and is perfect for nighttime wear. Clean Getaway is made out of Beeswax, Jojoba, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Honey Flavor.


These little honey sticks are a great sweetener for tea. My Juniper box came with three flavors: Blackberry; Mango; and Mint.  Perfect for that sweet tooth some women get at that time of the month, without all the calories.


Oh how I love pretzels, and these pretzel crisps are my favorite.  If you like pretzels you have to try these, once you try them you will not want to go back to regular pretzels.  This is my go to food of choice when I have a salty craving.


A sweet treat to add to those pretzels or all by its self. Justin’s is a great brand, and a great addition to the May’s Juniper Box.


These were my favorite out of all of the treats. Needless to say they are gone now. However, these babies are low calorie and the best healthy treat.  Delish!


Love me some tea! Juniper box came with three flavors: Chamomile, Hibiscus and Signature Blend. This is perfect for that relaxation time!

Cost: $28 per month

Tickled Pink Opinion:  I really can appreciate a box like Juniper that caters to women’s needs. I really do appreciate a box that takes one more task off my hands. I am the one who always forgets to pick up my T.O.M goods, and then I do not realize it until it is too late. Emergency stop at the store I go.  And what I like more is that Juniper is more like a care package than anything; A little package full of all the necessary treats to make you feel good even though you are going through that time of the month.

What do you think of Juniper? You ready to just say goodbye to those last minute trips to the store? If you would like to find out more about Juniper or sign up, you can HERE.

Until next time

Stay Tickled Pink,

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