Monday, June 17, 2013

New Kids Clothing Subscription- Petite Parcel Review

I am very pleased to introduce this great new kids clothing subscription, Petite Parcel. If you have read any of my review on Stitch Fix, it is the same concept but for kids. Yes, kids too can have a personal stylist! And, I must say that Petite Parcel will have your kids looking stylish for sure. These clothes were just so stylish, I wish each of the pieces came in adult sizes as well.

What is Petite Parcel?

Petite Parcel was started by a father/daughter team, who thought it would be great to help the lives of busy parents, and their kids. Petite Parcel is like a personal stylist at your finger tips for your kids. Each month Petite Parcel will send you 5 outfits, not just pieces but whole outfits, right to your doorstep. The clothing is on the higher end of clothing spectrum for children. And great quality clothing and higher quality fabrics as well. Petite Parcel carries clothes from Paige Lauren, Egg Baby, Joah Love etc. If you have not heard of these brands, just wait and see, you will love them.

Parents can sign up, or you can buy Petite Parcel as a gift, on their website, and then after completing a brief style/size form you are set. Petite Parcel will then send you a parcel that is hand selected just for your little one along with a list of each clothing item and the cost. You get 10 days to pick and choose any items that you would like to keep from your Petite Parcel "parcel", and then whatever you do not want to keep just ship back to Petite Parcel with the return shipping label included in your Petite Parcel. 

Cost: Petite Parcel updated their subsciption and There is now no upfront cost to subscribers. For 1 quarter and 1 child it cost $14.99; and for 2 children $19.99 per quarter.  

Okay I am sure you are anxious to see the clothes already... Just a little background about our Petite Parcel, this was for our little girl who is 2 years old. 

Our first Petite Parcel

Joah Love Jordan Jean Leggings ($27) and Joah Love Jolie Star Tunic ($46)

I seriously am in love with Joah Love clothing. The leggings were so soft, and worked perfectly with not just this Joah Love Tunic, but would look great with any of the shirts, an overall great versatile piece. And we are very into leggings right now, as our little one really is such an active girl leggings are just perfect for her.  And I seriously would wear the Joah Love Jolie Star Tunic if it came in my size. So very cute, and the coral color was beautiful.

Egg Baby Jersey Flounce Dress ($36)

This was my favorite pieces in this Petite Parcel, and perfect for the season. Again, I would wear this if it came in my size. One thing about dresses for little girls is that they all are just so darn cute. However, this Jersey Dress took the cake, one of the cutest dresses I have seen.

Joah Love Kimber Shorts ($38) and Joah Love Amber Double Ruffle Tee ($30)

 This is just the All American little girl outfit. I loved the white shirt paired with denim shorts, so very classic. These pieces would be perfect this summer. One great thing about the denim shorts is that they were super soft and moveable. Sometimes denim is pretty confining, even for a 2 year old, so I was happy to see some soft moveable denim items that would work well with any shirt that was included in our Petite Parcel. And likewise for the white ruffle tee, that tee too would work well with any of pants, shorts or skirts. Great picks!

Paige Lauren Classic Dress with Leggings ($52)

The color of this dress was just so beautiful. And the feel of this dress even more beautiful. I have heard that Paige Lauren has the best feeling fabric for their clothing, and umm yes that is correct. Can I get some nice feeling Paige Lauren clothing too please? 

Joah Love Nina Skirt ($38) and Joah Love Roxy Tank ($28)

These two pieces were just so cute, I felt like our little one was a little grown up in this outfit. While I loved the skirt, and thought it was just adorable, Daddy was not the biggest fan. I think it just made her look too mature for her Daddy’s taste. Maybe with some black leggings, it would work better. The shirt, on the other hand, we both loved. This would be something Daddy would pick out for our little one on his own; the black stripes were so cute with the bright coral color. Super cute picks again from Petite Parcel. We really are loving Joah Love clothing all together as well.

Tickled Pink Opinion: Overall I am super impressed by Petite Parcel. There is not one piece in this whole box that we did not like. Each piece was perfectly our style, and worked well for our little girl. With clothing subscriptions I find that sometimes subscriptions boxes are a great way to go, other times I think the clothing does not fit the member whatsoever.  However, Petite Parcel, really has the styling down perfectly. The only thing little hiccup we had was some of the pieces were a little more pricey than we intend to spend on clothing. Petite Parcel does explain that they are a kids clothing subscription that sends out high quality clothing, so the disclosure on the price is there. AND, another great thing about Petite Parcel is that they feel strongly about giving back. A portion of Petite Parcel's profits go to K.I.D.S Charity, which helps kids out in tough situations. You can find out more about K.I.D.S HERE. 

What do you think of Petite Parcel? Do you need a little work taken off your shoulders, well let Petite Parcel do you kids' shopping? If you would like to learn more or sign up for a Petite Parcel subscription you can HERE.  And do not forget that for anyone who signs up for Petite Parcel can receive 15% off their total purchase from their Petite Parcel box using Promo code TICKLEDPINK15!

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  1. Um... These clothes are all SUPER adorbs. I'm going to have to look this brand up and see if they make clothes for bigger kiddos (wish my girls were still this little... :'(. And I'm not gonna lie, when I read the title of this post I had the split second of thinking it was about NKOTB! Lmao!

    1. I know I just loved all the outfits! I was a hard core NKOTB fan back in the day! Oh the memories, lol!