Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Bash- June Love with Food Review

I wanted to quickly post my June Love for Food Box in hopes I would not get to hungry while I wrote this, as it is lunch time, but to no avail... I am now officially craving some Turbana Plantain Chips, haha . This great subscription box was screaming “Beach Please!”. However, over here in Seattle we do not get the beach weather I am talking about too often. Toes in the Sand, cold drink in my hands, is the beach I am looking for. Okay back to the box, enough daydreaming.

What is Love with Food?

 Love with food is a monthly subscription box that allows you to sample gourmet food, and best of all it is delivered each month to your front door. The cost is $12 per month, but stay tuned at the end of this blog for a special promo code!

This month’s theme was Summer Beach Bash. And this month Love with Food donated not just one but two meals per subscription to foodbanks in Oklahoma!

June  Love with Food Box
Summer Beach Bash

Seaweed Love Roasted Seaweed

I know many people probably think that seaweed is an extremely weird food to eat as a snack or at all.  However, I was loving this treat. I grew up on eating stuff like this. I am Japanese, and grew up eating authentic Asian cuisine. However, Seaweed is very healthy treat, and it satisfies that salty tooth.

Smooze Coconut and Mango Fruit Ice

This will be perfect for our little one. She is at a popsicle stage right now. I swear all she would eat is popsicles if she could. Hopefully this Ice will render the same effect as the popsicle, so it doesn’t go to waste.

Do More Bars Gluten-Free Pineapple Coconut Cereal Bar

This is just like a rice crispy treat, and while I know we probably would love this, this yummy goodness has no tummy to call home at this time. I sure I will find a volunteer soon though.

Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears

We have gotten these before, and know they are delicious. This will be a nice treat for the little one.

Turbana Sweet Plantain Chips

A great healthy dried fruit snack. Now we are talking. These are just like banana chips, and very good!

SoyJoy All-Natural  Fruit and Soy Bar

Another great treat, that I can actually enjoy right now. These are great gluten-free, low calorie, natural treats. And this SoyJoy bar was perfect dash-out the door for work kind of snack!

PUR Gum Pomegranate Mint

This was a perfect mix of sweet and mint. Only 1 piece left out of our pack. I guess you can say we liked it. Time for a refill. Love being introduced to new products.

GoOrganic Hard Candy

These were perfect little candies to satisfy a sweet tooth, without going overboard. Great tropical fruit flavor as well.

Flavrz Organic Drink Mix

This will be great to bring to work with me, and I really like Crystal Lite and other drink mixes, so I am sure I will like Flavrz as well.

$50 Naked Wine Gift Card

This is my third naked wine gift card. I would love to use this, just cannot bring myself to order 6 bottles of wine online when I can go to the grocery store around the block and just get one.  

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  I really enjoy Love with Food boxes each month, and this month is no exception to the rule. For $10 per month you get great treats for the taste buds, and so much more. Love with Food takes your taste buds to new places, and allows you to try new foods that you would not ordinarily find or buy.  Additionally, each box is full of fun treats for the whole family, and for only $10 per month, which also goes to provide meals to foodbanks!   I am already looking forward to July.

What do you think of June’s Love with Food? Did this month’s box inspire a trip to a beach? If you are interested in seeing past Love with Food boxes you can HERE. And if you would like to learn more or subscribe, you can get your first Love with Food Box for free using Promo code “FBGIFT”! Just head over to the Love with Food website HERE.

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  1. Beach, please! Lol! The plantain chips were a HUGE hit with my family! Ordered more, just received them today and they were instantly torn into!!!

  2. this looks sooo good right now!

  3. this looks sooo good right now!