Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kentucky or Bust- Our Local Box Un-boxed

When I heard that Our Local Box was teaming up with a chef for their June box I was stoked. I always really enjoy collaborated boxes, especially when they are teamed up with a chef. I am a foodie at heart, and only can dream of being a top chef. 

This month Our Local Box teamed up with Kentucky chef Edward Lee, a chef in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as author of a new book, Smoke & Pickles.  (Southern Food, yummy) 

If you have never heard of Our Local Box, well then you are missing out. Our Local Box is a monthly subscription dedicated to curating a completely awesome box full of unique,  purely and solely Kentucky items. Now we are not taking about any ol’ Kentucky items, these picks from Our Local Box are top notch, locally grown or made Kentucky products. Our Local Box is bringing Kentucky to you in a box. Such an awesome concept. Too bad each state didn’t have their own box.  If you want more information on Our Local Box, check out my post from last month HERE 

Now on to the good and yummy stuff from Our Local Box


This month’s box included all the items that you need to make a featured recipe from Chef Edward Lee, Braised Beef Kalbi with Soft Grits and Scallions. Yummy! Are you hungry yet? I will be making this recipe soon, and will feature it on my blog, just trying to find the time (haha), so stay tuned.


Okay I have to admit I am a little scared to make grits. I have had them when I was in North Carolina, but I heard they are difficult to make.  I will most definitely be trying my hand at making some grits soon though, as these sound like some top notch grits.  These Sunflower Sundries Grits are non-GMO, 100% chemical free, and come from a family –run business that cares about their community and making great organic products !


In my household soy sauce is like ketchup, we always have it around. I was ecstatic to find a recipe in Our Local Box that included some Asian flair. My fiancĂ©’ also loves soy sauce, so he was very excited to try this Bluegrass Soy Sauce as well. This soy sauce is homegrown in Kentucky, and is aged in repurposed bourbon barrels  that  infuse the soy sauce with hints of oak and mild sweetness of Kentucky bourbon. Let me tell you, this soy sauce probably will not last long in this household.  Delish.


Umm, what is Sorghum? This is the first thing I said when I looked over June’s Our Local Box.  Sorghum is an earthy syrup with subtle notes of exotic spices, and can be used in place of molasses, corn syrup, honey or maple syrup. This is the maple syrup of Kentucky they say. I cannot wait to give this a try in Edward Lee’s short rib recipe and some cheese. Sounds very savory!


I just love pepper, so I was very excited to see that not only was this included in Our Local Box this month, but the recipe included in Our Local Box calls for this lovely smelling smoked pepper.  This pepper is not any ol’ pepper, but this pepper has been slowly smoked with aged bourbon barrels, which leaves the pepper having an oaky flavor. Again, this is going to be a great addition to many dishes at my house, as I am a big fan of pepper.  Great addition to the box.

Tickled Pink Opinion: Overall, I am so very impressed by both this month’s Our Local Box and last month’s box.  Each box has been curated expertly with such fantastic elements that help emphasis great products and people in Kentucky.  Again, like I said in my last review, Our Local Box makes me really want to pack my bags an experience more of what Kentucky has to offer. A Road Trip and a reservation at Edward Lee’s restaurant please. 

I cannot rave enough about how great of an impression Our Local Box is making, and I am eager to see more boxes in months to come from Our Local Box. This is one box you do not want to miss out on. Additionally, at only $30 per month, the quality of products far exceed what you pay each month. If you are interested in signing up for Our Local Box or learning more about Our Local Box you can visit their website HERE.

A trip to Kentucky via Our Local Box in your near future?

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


 *  I did receive this box for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions are expressly my own. I only blog about and review products that fit my personal style.

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  1. I got my review up today, too! We have a reservation at Lee's 610 Magnolia here in Louisville next weekend! Can't wait!! :)