Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golden Tote- May tote un-toted

I have been thinking about getting Golden Tote for a while now, and I am very happy that I finally gave in. This was May picks for Golden Tote, but since they have not released their June styles yet, I thought it was not too late to show you a review.

Golden Tote is like shopping  on your own and having a personal stylist all in one.  Not only do you get to pick out your clothing, but you get the added surprise of pieces of having clothing picked out just for you by a Golden Tote Stylist. Golden Tote releases their sales once a month, with two options. The first option is $49, and you pick one piece of clothing and then Golden Tote surprises you with the rest, which totals close to $200. The other option costs $149, you pick out two pieces of clothing on your own and then Golden Tote surprises you with in the rest, which totals up to a $600 value.

For May I decided to go with the $49 Golden Tote.  My clothing really comes in a great Golden Tote tote as well.

Jersey Tunic Dress

This was my pick for May. I just love the feel of this dress, and it is so comfortable. Not only does it fit perfect, but it is a very high quality dress. I always love dresses that I can wear at work, but also wear simply on a nice casual day off.

Golden Tote also provided a information card showing up to style the Tunic Dress for day or night.

Puella Classic Black Maxi Dress

This was my Golden Tote stylist pick. I love, love, love this dress. It is perfect for the summer, and a perfect color for me. This dress alone made the Golden Tote even amazing in my eyes. I love dresses, and always love adding them to my closet. Also, I found this same dress online  HERE for $96. Great addition to my May Golden Tote.

Cherish Aztec Print Tank

This was my second Golden Tote pick. I really have not been into the Aztec print much, and it has become very popular. However, I think it is growing on me.  I am loving the material and feel of this tank, and think it will be great to add to a summer time wardrobe.

Bonus Gift- Pura Vida Bracelet

This is a great bracelet for summer. And for each Pura Vida bracelet purchased it helps provide full time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica.

Tickled Pink Opinion: I am loving Golden Tote ! Not only was I very impressed with their customer service, Sarah and Sarah, immediately sent out an e-mail welcoming me as a new member, and kept me up to date on the progress of sending out my tote; but I am also very impressed with the product received from Golden Tote in its entirety. I received three pieces of clothing and a bracelet for a great price, $49, which is just awesome. And I could not be happier about the pieces I received. The quality of each item and feel was exceptional. Additionally, the fitting for each item was just right. I cannot wait to get another Golden Tote for June.

Have you gotten your Golden Tote yet? Or are you looking at getting yourself styled with Golden Tote this month? If so check out Golden Tote on their website HERE.

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  1. I've been debating golden tote for a while (in the same train of thought as debating I-ella). This bag is actually super cute and looks like great value! That jersey dress is adorbs on you!