Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Juniper June Box Review - T.O.M Subscription

Juniper time again,  and this month is just as sweet, if not more than last month.  I totally forgot that I had signed up to get Junes box, but am glad that I did, as it was a great box this month

If you have not heard of Juniper, here is a little bit about Juniper subscription:

Juniper is a women’s time of the month subscription that allows you pick your tampon/ pad/ panty liner brand. Just tell Juniper when you get your period, and then within days of your time of the month comes Juniper to the rescue with all the essentials you need to survive, plus extra goodies.

And I have to add that I just love reading Lynn’s letters. Lynn is the Founder of Juniper, and I just loved this month’s letter.  What she would have really  loved to include in June’s box was a little Ryan Gosling and Jose Cuervo. Wishful thinking Lynn, haha!

Juniper’s June Box

The Goods

Everything you need to get through the month, and some extra. This also includes some Midol for those rough days!

The Treats

GloryBee Honey

These are quite delicious in tea, and good if you want to satisfy that sweet tooth. This month I received Orange, Amaretto and Sour Grape.

Pukka Tea

This tea is great. Morning Time , Detox and Harmonise were the teas included in June’s Juniper Box.

J&M  Lime Cookies

Lynn was not able to include the Jose, but she did not miss out on including a little lime in June’s box.  These sounds delicious, and after looking at the nutritional values, they are not too bad on the calories either. Yummy little addition to June's box!

Brownie Bliss by The Inspired Cookie

Oh now this is just cruel.  This brownie looked so sinfully good! Both me and my fiance’ love brownies, but I do not think this is on the menu during our “diet” time. However, I am sure our little one will get a little treat sometime, so we will save this for a rainy day! This Brownie is also Gluten- Free, Egg-Free, and Wheat and Dairy- Free, which is sometimes hard to come by in a brownie.

Under the Boardwalk by Nibnaks

Mango, Banana and Pineapple snacks. These were the first to go out the of the box. Very delicious!

Calolea Glycerine Olive Oil Soap

This is a hypo-allergenic and cruelty-free soap. We are not quite the bar soap family, but since many of my boxes included bar soaps I have found they are perfect to just keep in the spare bathroom. This soap matches perfectly as well with the color scheme, green tones, in the bathroom.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: This month's Juniper summertime box was great, and I have not been disappointed yet by the Juniper box. However, while you do get plenty in this box, it is a little pricey compared to other T.O.M boxes.  Cost $28 per month. I am still on the fence whether I want to hang on to this subscription or not,  since other T.O.M. boxes are a little bit less. However, I love the items you get in the Juniper box, as they are quite excellent and great quality, and the Juniper customer service is superb as well. It is a toss up right now. 
What did you think of June’s Juniper Box? If you would like to find out more about Juniper or sign up for July’s box, you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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