Wednesday, June 19, 2013

UnMentionably Cheeky Review

I received a great box/package the this weekend, and was really excited to share it with you. I think that this subscription is going to be a hit, if not already a hit with its members. Unmentionable Cheeky is a subscription that sends to its member three pair of  panties for $8 each month (will be $11 soon, so do not miss out).

This box is a great deal, and I am very impressed with the selection of panties that were sent.

Without further ado here is my first Unmentionably Cheeky package

Pink and Black Lace Bikini

These are super cute, and I love the bright pink and black together. These are very feminine and flirty, like Unmentionably Cheeky describes on their website. 

Bright Teal Cotton/Lace Bikini

I would most definitely buy these on my own, and think they are fun, but very traditional style in my eyes. A beautiful color, and the lace just brings out a great sweet touch!

Black Lace Hip Huggers

These are my favorite, and love the lacy black panties. These would be my first pick if I was to choose 1 pair. They are flirty and fun, and black, which looks great on anyone!

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I am loving these new subscription and love the quality of the panties that they send out each month. Even better, the cost is spectacular. $8 for three pair of panties in unheard of. I am definitely going to be looking forward to my Unmentionably Cheeky subscription each month.

What do you think of Unmentionably Cheeky? Are you in need of some great quality fun, flirty and feminine panties? Well Unmentonatbly Cheeky is your perfect pick. If you would like more information or to sign up for this great subscription you can HERE.

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  1. The panties look awesome! So cute and a great price!