Friday, October 4, 2013

September Pretty Power Box Review

I actually am still trying to update the blog with all the great boxes that I got for September, and I did not want to miss sharing with you my latest and greatest September Pretty Power Box. It was one of my last boxes of the month, so that it why It is being reviewed now. 

What is Pretty Power Box?
Pretty Power Box is a subscription box for the female entrepreneur. Each month Pretty Power Box will send out items to help create a positive work-life balance, which, as I know first hand, can be quite difficult at times so any help , like the Pretty Power Box, is appreciated. Cost per month is $15 per month.

September Pretty Power Box

This month the Pretty Power Box focused on the little details,  filling up this month's box with all the little essentials that make your day that much better or smoother.

Simple Delights Bubble Gun Lip Balm -$1 

I never mind getting another lip balm, and as the weather gets colder this will come in handy. Not only did this smell great, but it felt great on the lips. Simple Delights is full of some great affordable goodies, and all homemade. You can check Simple Delights HERE.

Naked Garden Soap Jasmine Solid Perfume- $2.50

This perfume smelled very nice and very subtle. All the products from Naked Garden Soaps are vegan as well. If you would like to check out her store you can HERE.

Shelia Embroidery “S” USB holder or Lip Balm Holder  - $4.50

This was super cute, and a nice individual touch in the Pretty Power Box this month. I love that subscription boxes like Pretty Power Box takes the time to customize boxes. It just makes you feel like they really care to make each subscriber feel special.  If you would like to see more from Shelia Embroidery you can HERE.

Don’t Give a Hoot Washcloth Travel Pouch for Toiletries-  $4

Picture c/o Don't Give a Hoot Website

Loved that all my items in this month’s Pretty Power Box was color coordinated, they all matched. This little towel that has place settings for travel sized shampoo etc. is so inventive. I love it. I think this will go in a suitcase to use for travel.  It also could be good for a gym bag.  If you would like to see all the goodies from Don’t Give a Hoot you can HERE.

Faith, Soaps & Love Solid Lotion Bar in Lemon Drop Cookie  –$1

Oh my goodness, as soon as I opened my Pretty Power Box this smell came flowing out of the box, and it smelled delicious. I could not believe it was coming from these little lotion bars. I immediately wanted to eat it, but I usually try to refrain from eating lotion bars, haha. These little lotion bars are made to be used as lotion and leave your hands feeling great. These are perfect for on the go travel and are easy to pack away in a carry on, as they are not liquid, without leaving you without any lotion. These were my favorite out of September’s Pretty Power Box.  If you would like to order some of these amazing soaps from Faith, Soaps & Love, you can HERE.

Scotch Bright Lint Roller  –$2

I love travel sized lint rollers, I try to keep one on hand at all times. I immediately put this in my purse. What a perfect product for on the go women!

Fiber One Protein Caramel Nut Bar  –$2

No Pretty Power Box would be complete without a little treat. Usually I get my Pretty Power Box at work, and I cannot help myself, so usually the treat is gone before I can take the picture. That indeed was the case this month as well. I, however, kept the wrapper to show I that I indeed get the tasty bar in my box! Yummy! And, not too made calorie wise and a good source of protein.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:       I really do love all the little things that were included in September's Pretty Power Box, and I immediately started using most the products right after opening the box. The entire September Pretty Power Box had a value of approximately $17.00. And for the cost of $15 per month, so it definitely was worth the money. Not to mention that you receive a Pretty Power Box that you can use for other purposes, like a jewelry box.  I am already looking forward to the next Pretty Power Box.

What did you think of September’s Pretty Power Box?  If you are interested in signing up for Pretty Power Box you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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