Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Subscription Sparaj Box

I am always on the lookout for new subscription boxes, and this one just caught my eye right away. When they gave me the opportunity to try out their pre-launch box I, of course, jumped on the opportunity. This is a new box is called Sparaj, and this box was over-the-top fantastic all around. Warning: You may want get up and book an airline ticket to somewhere warm and tropical after experiencing this box!

What is Sparaj?
The Sparaj box is a new box to allow their subscribers to discovery products that come from outside the US.  The curators behind Sparaj have focused on discovering grassroots community designers from Asia, who not only use their creativity in the products they design, but are also eco-friendly. Sparaj team puts together a  box full of handpicked products from these artisans, and shares them in their Sparaj box. 
Cost- $40

Pre-Launch Sparaj Box

This box got me from first glance. When I opened the box It was like my birthday. It was nicely wrapped in gorgeous chic tissue paper, and  the actual tote all the goodies came in was also wrapped up in cellophane. I always have said that presentation of a box goes a long way with me, and my first glance of Sparaj box was impressive.

Harnn Cymbopogon Body Souffle and Body Wash Set- $18 

This was a beautiful box that I did not even want to open because it was so pretty, wrapped with a cute tie and charm Again, I just love when items are presented well.  I think that this Love at First Scent by Harnn is just wonderful.  The products were made of Hibiscus Fruit, Lavender and Lemongrass, so you can imagine, the smell was just wonderful; a mix of exotic yet very relaxing smell.  I found a set like this on the web for around $18.

Serevana Jasmine Bar Soap- $10 

All the product, as you will see, in the Sparaj box were just wonderfully and beautifully packaged. This soap smelled  of Jasmine, which I just love.  Serevana believes that health and true balance comes from the gifts of the earth, thus a soap made of Jasmine. The price I was not sure of on this soap, as I could not find it on the internet. So, the $10 price is just a estimation of what I think it would be.

Asia Herb Association Plai Herbal Hot Ball- $7

Okay, I just love what this hot ball was presented in. It is  a little wicker basket, so cute!  The wicker basket is so you can hold on to the ball when you heat it up. This hot ball comes from Japan, and is made of 100% all natural herbs. After heating this hot ball can be applied to area on your body where you feel pain, stiffness and coldness to reduce symptoms. Again, I was not sure on the price, but I estimated around $5-7.

Siam Organic Replenish  Facial Kit- $15 

This kit was in another super cute wicker line container, and I loved it. What great presentation. This little travel set came with a towel, Face Serum, Rosehip & Tea Tree Cleanser, Rosewater Toner, and Organic Coconut Sugar and & Honey Face Polish . I love Rosehip and Tea Tree oils, so I am excited to try this out. The price, again, was estimation.

Breathe Mini Dew Drop Diffuser- $10

This Mini Dew Drop Diffuser was just beautiful, and I cannot wait to use it. I will have to put it up once we get our move completed.  The flower on top was just such a great addition to this, rather than just sticks. And the smell was Frangipani scent, which is a tropical flower. I indeed wanted to go away to a tropical place after smelling this.  The price was an estimation based on other diffusers.

Sparaj Tote- $10

To top off the Sparaj Pre-Launch Box, it all came in this wonderful tote. I immediately  took a liking to this tote because it was offset in black. I think I will be using this as a lunch tote soon. A great addition to top off an already great pre-launch box!

TICKLED PINK OPINION- I have to just admit it right away, I LOVED this box. I could not believe my eyes when I first opened the box, and was immediately impressed by what I saw. I felt like a kid in a candy shop while I was going through all the goodies.  Like I have stated multiple times throughout this post, the presentation was fab, but there are also so many other great things about the Sparaj box. The items that are included in this box are items that are not found just at your local store, and even after searching the web it was hard to find them. I love that I get to try items that are unique and new. For $40 per month Sparaj included approximately $70, if not more, worth of bath, body and skin products. Very impressive for a launch box. I cannot wait to see what is in the future for Sparaj, and where they will take up next.

What did you think of the Pre-Launch Sparaj box? If you are interested in learning more or would like to sign up, you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

*This box was received for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own. I continue to only review and post about products that reflect my personal style. 


  1. Hi there, Do you know what happened to Sparaj? I really wanted to subscribe to their boxes but I can't find them anywhere.

    1. Andrea- I know there sight was up a while ago and they did not have an option to subscribe. However, after looking today I cannot find their site. When you link to the site, it says it is unavailable. Bummer it was a great subscription.