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September Arr! Little Miss Goodie Bags Review

I just love themed parties, and especially seeing how they are decorated. When I have time I love going through Pinterest and seeing what wonderful ideas and projects people are pinning revolving around party planning.  However, finding the time sometimes to plan these parties can come short, which brings be to Little Miss Goodie Bags.

What is Little Miss Goodie Bags?
Each month you will receive a box in the mail containing decorations and ideas to have a themed party for 8.  Each Little Miss Goodie Bags Box is filled with homemade and handpicked items geared towards everyone!  All this fun packed in one box, and then delivered right to your door for the cost ranging between $34.95 to $29.95, depending on what subscription plan you pick.

September Arr Pirate Little Miss Goodie Bags

This month’s theme for Little Miss Goodie Bags was Pirate themed. I absolutely loved this theme. Our little one really loved it as well,  she wanted to play with everything even before I got pictures of it. She is a big fan of the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney, so you can imagine her excitement when she saw a fake pirate hat and pirate hook.

Pirate Red and Black Flag Banner -$10 

I loved the pirate flag, so cute, and the twine holding it all together was black and white too, so it matched perfectly.  I have been searching on the web for banners like this one to do a price comparison, but did not find anything like it. I think homemade items are just so great. Not only are you paying for a great item, but it is also homemade, and looks so much better. $10 was just a guess based on other I saw on Etsy.

Pirate Food Tents- 8 count/$10

Again, going with the red and black theme, these were super cute. I may just have to have a little Pirate dinner for Me, A, the little one, and our parents, just so we can have a fun Pirate Dinner, and make up fun pirate dishes. The price is again just a guess based on what I have seen on Etsy.

Pirate Ship Sail Cupcake Toppers -8 count/ $5 

Like everything in this box it is super cute and will work perfectly to tie in any food you serve at a Pirate theme party with the other decorations. These Sails also go perfectly with the Boat Muffin/Cupcake toppers I will show you below, which also came in the Little Miss Goodie Bags Box this month.  Etsy price on these as well.

Pirate Ship Cupcake/Muffin Holders- $7

I had to do a little research before I knew exactly what these were. For some reason at first I thought they were make it yourself Pirate Hats, haha. But, I soon figured out what they were. And, they fit perfectly with the Pirate Ship Sails Cupcake Toppers.

Pirate Goodie Bags –$12

I was searching Etsy for something like this and could not find burlap type pirate sacks. Maybe I did not search enough. I found some bags similar for around $12. I think that these bags are super cute and the pirate emblem on the front of the bag matches everything to the tee.

Pirate Coins/ Gold Doubloons –$5

Yes, what Pirate Party would be complete without the Pirate Gold Coins or like our little one knows them as, Gold Doubloons. Gold Doubloons is what Jake and his team gets when they complete missions/tasks on Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Maybe I watch the show too much too, because now I am singing the theme song to myself and it will stuck in my head all day long.

Black and White Straws –$4

I just love these straws, and may have to buy more of these when we use our Pirate themed party décor, because I want to use them for my normal every day drinks. If you know me I love black and white anything.

Pirate Photo booth Props–$10

These immediately went to use, and we may have to make replacements. I really love the Photo Booth idea that people are utilizing at parties these days. And the props in this month’s Little Miss Goodie Bags are super cute. ARR Matey!  I found a set of 10 props for around $25, so I just estimated a set of 4 to be around $10.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  I have loved both August and September’s Little Miss Goodie Bags, and wish I had more parties to plan so I could utilize these goodies. There is nothing better than having homemade decorations at your party, and I think Little Miss Goodie Bags is perfect avenue for those who just do not have the time to make homemade décor or for those who need a little extra help making an event a little extra special. It is really hard for me to place a price on homemade, because I know how much time and effort it takes to make them, but I estimate that this would cost, if bought at Etsy, around $63. This cost is just an estimation, and does not include what it would cost to ship these items as well.  I could not be more excited that Little Miss Goodie Bags is out there to send out theme homemade party decorations, such a great idea! I look forward to seeing more from Little Miss Goodie  Bags in the future.

What did you think of September’s  Little Miss Goodie Bags?  If you are interested in signing up for Little Miss Goodie Bags or learning more you can HERE.

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