Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September The Pleasure Pantry Review

I was very excited to get another opportunity to try out this adult subscription box. I think that A was a little more excited for this one than me. However, this is a really great box that you can share with your significant other, and from the last couple boxes that I have seen from Pleasure Pantry I am most definitely a fan.  

What is Pleasure Pantry?
Pleasure Pantry is a monthly subscription for couples. Pleasure Pantry puts together and tailors a box of adult novelties and sends it discreetly to your door in a once a month kit.  The Pleasure Pantry box is full of surprises ranging from adult novelties, toys, lingerie from the Pleasure Pantry’s pantry designed to keep your bedroom life exciting. Cost per month- $29

*WARNING: This box is for adult viewing only. If you prefer not to see adult content please stop reading now.

September Pleasure Pantry

For September’s box I really did not see a theme, just products to make the time fun and clean from start to finish.

California Exotic Novelties-Universal Toy Cleaner- $6

I appreciate that Pleasure Pantry is promoting cleaning up. This is something all couples should keep around if they are using any kind of novelty item.

Mini Moist- $4.00

This was voted on of the best from Women’s Health, which is always good in my book.

California Exotic Novelties Tingle Gel- $5

Well this is interesting As long as it is not sticky, I am thinking this could be fun for the right couple.

Luscious Melon Nipple Nibblers -$5

I actually thought this was chapstick. But, it is not. It smelled pretty good. I think the name can tell all.

X-10 Beads - $10

I do not have many words for this item. All I keep thinking about is that movie  Maid of Honor, with Patrick Dempsey, where the Grandma thinks the beads , like these, were a necklace and wears them around. LOL. Super funny.

TICKLED PINK OPINION- The Pleasure Pantry box is a perfect box for you and your significant other to have a little fun, keep the relationship exciting, and it is a fun box for both of you.  The total value of this box was around $30, which was about the same price as the monthly cost of the box. However, if you bought all these items at the store or on the internet there would be tax and shipping and handling.  So, overall I think that the value and fun of The Pleasure Box is great. 

What do you think the SeptemberThe  Pleasure Pantry Box? If you are interested in learning more about The Pleasure Pantry Box or signing up, you can HERE. Let them know that I sent you.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

*This box was provided for review purposes. All opinions and comments are my own. No compensation other than the box for reviewing is provided. 

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  1. I ordered a box from this subscription and received 4 items not even worth $20. I'm so mad right now lol