Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harry's Men's Luxury Shaving Subscription Review

I have to say right off the bat that I am super impressed with this subscription that I am about to introduce, and am excited to share it with you. Harry’s is a great subscription that I recently discovered, and when they offered to send my fiance’ a sample I was stoked.

What is Harry’s?
A  Premium Subscription Box Designed Exclusively for Men that sends out quality crafted shaving sets, including razor blades, handle and shaving cream.  Harry’s was made to be the complete experience, to make the most of your shave.  The monthly cost depends on how many blades or shaving cream needed, how often you would like your set to be refilled, and what type of handle you obtain from Harry’s.  Below is the price details:

The Handles

Harry’s has three pretty awesome handles for the razor blades: ( Information is directly from the Harry’s site)

 The Truman
$10.00 (Includes handle & 1 blade)
The Truman's zinc alloy core and polymer coating provide substance, comfort, and control.

The Winston
$20.00 (Includes handle & 1 blade)
Constructed from precision-grade aluminum, the Winston is designed for effortless glide and precise control.

F/W Truman
$15.00 (Includes handle & 1 blade)
This limited edition, Fall/Winter Truman handle is built for substance, comfort and control. The colors were inspired by nature. We hope they inspire you to shave.

The Sets
You can get each handle in a set, which includes the handle, three razor blades, and the shaving cream.

 The Truman Set- $15

The Winston Set- $25

The Limited Edition Fall/ Winter Truman Set- $20

Harry’s Auto Refill Program

Subscribers, after purchasing a set or a handle, can participate and opt into an Auto Refill subscription. Each month, every 2, 3, 4 or 5 months, depending on how often you need refills. You can also pick how many razor refills or shaving cream refills needed. From what I can tell the least you can pay is $8 per refill, for either four blades ($2/each) or 1 tube of shaving cream ($8). The variable of what you would like depends on what you need. However, the more blades you buy at once the cheaper they become. For example when you buy 4 blades they are $2 each, but when you buy 16 blades they are $1.56 each.

Harry’s Truman Set Review 

This was so nicely packaged, and very impressive. I wish this came in a set for women.  If you follow me at all on Twitter or Instagram, you can see I was instantly won over by the picture that Harry’s sent with our Trumen Set. Loved it!  A also was very impressed by the Harry’s set. We both liked the presentation of the whole set, including the cute Mammoth on the blade box.

The Truman

A’s really liked that it was very durable, and very nice to handle.  The weight and design really did make for a better feeling handle.

The Blades and Shave Gel
After trying out the blades and shave gel on a recent shave, A gives the Harry’s Truman set an A+. A said the blades were very nice, and were nice on the skin. He has sensitive skin and said the shaving gel was good as well, nice and gentle on the skin.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  I think Harry’s  has a very great product and teamed up with convenience,  it is a win for me. A goes through razors a lot so it will be nice and convenient to just have Harry’s on speed delivery when needed.  Additionally, the products are top of the line, great for A’s sensitive skin as well, and inexpensive. Now when will Harry's come out with a female version?

What did you think of the Harry’s?  If you are interested in signing up or learning more about Harry’s, you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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