Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I-Ella the List Back on my Hit List- Soho Bag Review

I really do have a love for clothing subscriptions, and if you have read my review of last month’s I-Ella the List Starter Bag you know I was a little less than thrilled about what I received. I contacted I-Ella, and Ella was very nice. She explained that they really do try to make each subscription box/bag to fit what the subscribers like. Well, nonetheless, with a little discount I was convinced to try the Soho Bag. I was thrilled with my bag this month.

New York Sample Salein a bag
Soho Bag

This month each bag was guaranteed to be, at least, double in price versus what was paid for the subscription. And, YES, indeed it was.

Herban Essentials Lavender Towelettes- $10

These towelettes you will see in my other I-Ella the List Starter Bags, but they smell lovely, and while I already have some of these, I can always use more. Even better the lavender are my favorites.

Miss Jessie Jelly Soft Curls

This stuff is said to be great for curls and “The Best Darn Super Soft Gel Period.” Haha. Well I have heard lots about Miss Jessie products, so since I have some natural curl in my hair I am excited to try it out.  No price was given for this sample.

Armour Beauty Lip Gloss- $21

I received some Armour Beauty Lip Gloss in my first starter bag, but it was a deep red.  This pink color will be a great natural gloss for summer. Armour Beauty is a favorite among the stars, and to let you know it really is pretty great.  

Walter Baker Jamie Blue Skirt - $128

Okay now for the good stuff. When I contacted I-Ella they asked me why I was disappointed, and I let Ella know that I thought I would be receiving more clothing in my monthly bags. Yes, clothing is the way to my heart. And my cries were heard. This skirt is so pretty and perfect for work.  It is something I would pick out for myself as well. When I-Ella sends clothing (well only once before), it has always been right on the money.

Walter Baker Karl Fuschia Top- $138

Another clothing item and it screams my style to the tee. I love tops like these. The color is bold, perfect for summer, and the detailing on the buttons is just beautiful. I cannot wait to wear this at work or on a nice casual day out and about. Like I always say, I love versatile pieces of clothing, which this top is.

Piper Gore Finn Romper- $145

I have not really picked up on the romper style. I just was not sure they would look very good on me. However, this black romper is the perfect romper for me. It is elegant, simple, feminine, and very comfortable. And, it is very versatile as well. I can have a hay day with all kinds of accessories with this piece.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: As you can tell the I-Ella the List Soho Bag won me back over. The picks for my bag this month were just wonderful, and I love adding great new pieces of clothing to my wardrobe. The total amount I paid for this was, $139 (cost with shipping), a little more than your average subscription, BUT included in this month’s New York Sample Sale Soho Bag was $442 worth of quality items.  Yes, I am already signed up for next month’s Soho Bag ,and the theme is SHOES. Cannot wait to see. I am hopeful history does not repeat with I-Ella the List subscription, but time will see.  

If you are interested in signing up and learning more about I-Ella the List you can  HERE. Or if you would like to see past bags/boxes, you can HERE or HERE.

What do you think of this month’s Soho Bag from I-Ella the List? Will you be signing up again soon, or trying it out for the first time?

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  1. I got the shirt in the same pattern as your skirt. Not sure how or what to pair it with though:(

    1. I would think that a black skirt or pants would look very classy!

  2. That's what Ella said!
    I'm curious to see what we get this month!

  3. Did you get this month's box?

    1. No not yet. I just got the shipping notice today though. Have you got yours?