Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Sweet Box Subscription Orange Glad Review and Promo Code

“Life is uncertain. Eat desert first.” – Ernestine Ulmer

Desert is just something that is too yummy to skip. Yes, I know, I shouldn't be talking because usually I am the first one to pass on that piece of birthday cake because I do not want it going to my hips (or other parts). However, this box made me wish I could have sweets all the time, and before eating anything else. Yes, these treats are delish!

What am I talking about? Well A new subscription sweet box called Orange Glad.

What is Orange Glad?

This a sweet box subscription above the rest. Each month Orange Glad sends out hand-picked sweets, baked goods and confections delivered right to your door! A monthly box of sweet treats, can we say “DELICIOUS” and “Yes please!”.  The monthly cost is only $15 per month!


Each box comes with a great Sweet Box Menu, Information Card about each of the shops, and a great ingredient card, to help you navigate through each treat!

These are great little stick cookies. Rich and buttery with a little bit of toffee taste. They do not look like they would melt in your mouth, but rumor has it they do. A perfect little treat to add with your morning coffee. Get your morning started right!

I love S’mores , and these little bite size S’more bites are perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth. These are vanilla marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers and then covered in chocolate. And the little sprinkles just added that extra special pizzazz!

Chocolate bark is definitely delish. In the Orange Glad box there was a sampling of both white and dark chocolate. I was looking on The Secret Chocolatier’s website and they have a  Salty Monkey Chocolate with Peanuts and Bananas. Sounds yummy!

This brownie arrived moist and very soft, and looked absolutely ready to eat! Brownies are a hit in my household, and who does not like a chocolaty brownie? I had never heard of Fat Witch Bakery, but after checking out their website I was amazed at all the different flavors they offer, and they deliver right to your door as well.

Peanut butter anything goes quickly in our house. However, this time around our little one got the peanut butter treat all for herself. And, of course, she loved it.  This is a cookie, but with peanut butter butter cream in between, and dipped in chocolate ganache. Yes, it looked as good as it sounds.

These buttons were so cute, and a bonus item from Orange Glad. The artist behind them is from 20PX, and her artwork is just super cute. 

TICKLED PINK OPINION: If you love finding new tasty finds, and especially sweet and very delicious ones, than Orange Glad is definitely for you. I am very pleased with all the hand baked goods from Orange Glad. It was like taking a trip to my local bakery, without having to drive! Every item that Orange Glad sent in their box was fresh, looked delicious, and not one thing melted since Orange Glad sends their treats with ice packs to stay cool.  Additionally, each box contain approximately $30 worth of wonderfully Sweet treats and it only costs $15 a month for an Orange Glad subscription. Best of all it is super convenient. I cannot wait to see what the future Orange Glad boxes will reveal. In the meantime, I better hit the gym to keep up with getting these sweet boxes, haha.

PROMO CODE: If you are interested in signing up, Orange Glad, has given my readers the opportunity to get 10% off your first box just use Promo Code “TICKLED6”. You can learn more or sign up HERE.

What do you think of Orange Glad? Are these sweets calling your name?

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

*I received this product for free for review purposes; I do not receive any compensation in return for my review. I only review products that reflect my own personal style and likes, and all opinions are my own.

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