Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July's Amazing Anniversary Lip Factory Box Review

Lip Factory may be one of my favorite subscriptions right now. This beauty box is beyond exceptional. And this month’s box exceeded my expectations.

What is Lip Factory?

Lip Factory is a beauty subscription that curates fantastic beauty boxes, with great beauty/makeup for you to explore and try out. Lip Factory prides itself of sending out new brands and new colors to their subscribers. The monthly cost is $22 per month.  

July was Lip Factory’s Anniversary and they showed their appreciate with an over-the-top box for their subscribers. It was so great that all the products included didn’t fit in their normal Lip Factory Box.


NCLA Nail Wrap (It Don’t Matter)-$16

Nail Wraps have become quite popular lately. I have used a couple of brands, as I have gotten them in several boxes over the last couple months, and I really like them. They take me a little while longer to put on rather than just doing my nails with nail polish. However, the wraps last longer than nail polish. I am pretty rough on my nails though, so maybe it is just me. These NCLA Nail Wraps I really like because they are black and white, and you get 2 sheets so they will last even longer.

29 Cosmetics Grape Seed Age Protecting Lip Pencil in Brix- $29

I have been growing quite fond of the 29 Cosmetics since I have been getting the Lip Factory Boxes. I really am happy to have gotten a lip pencil, since I usually do not buy lip pencils on my own. I really love the color of this lip pencil, and it really does glide on quite well.

 29 Cosmetics Reserves First Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting Moisturizing Lipstick - $24

Another great bonus item in Lip Factory Box this month. This not only smells great, but it feels great on the lips. This is perfect to protect my lips during the summer months, and as a moisturizer before I put on my normal lipstick.

Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil by Londontown- $25

I really love the Kur line of products by Londontown. I have tried a couple of the products, you can see my post HERE, and I was really was impressed.  This cuticle oil is made out of all natural ingredients, and helps dry, raw and cracked skin at and around the cuticle area. I  am in dire in need of this right now. Perfect timing Lip Factory!

LaSplash Nail Polish in Blowfish Yellow- $3.50

I had never heard of LaSplash before, thus the reason why I love Lip Factory, now finds. I truly like being introduced to new brands. This LaSplash polish is formulated to be quick dry, which is great for me. I am notorious for doing my nails, and then moving on to my next project too quickly, and then ruining my nails.

Korres Liquid Lipstick Rasberry Lip Gloss- $8

This was a perfect neutral color for my lips. It also smelled amazing. I have heard of Korres products, but had never tried any. Always need a new lip gloss, and it matched the lip pencil perfectly.

Belleme Cosmetics Don’t Smudge Eye Liner in Black-$6

Love this eye liner. It went on very nice and smooth, and, like the name says, the eye liner did not smudge.  This is a great eye liner for long days, which often happen with me, so a good eye liner that I do not have to touch up all the time is a must.

LaSplash Cosmetics Smokey Eye Shadow Duo-$6.50

I am a big fan of the smokey eye, so I was excited to see this duo in the July Lip Factory Box. The grey color was very pretty, and I know I will be using this quite often. And this eye shadow was the perfect accompaniment to the eye liner.

Pureceuticals Clarifying Skin Crème

This is a lightweight, non-comedogenic (does not clog your pores) gel crème. What I really like is that is absorbs very quickly into the skin and does not leave a gunky feel on the face. There is nothing worse than cleaning your face, and then after putting your moisturizer on, feeling like you need to wash it again. However, Not with this crème. Another new find for me! Whoo hoo, love new great finds.

Beauty Blender Sponge- $6.50

I have been wanting one of these blender sponges for so long, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally see one. You never could think someone could get so excited for a blender sponge, haha, well I did. These blender sponges definitely lived up to their hype!

TICKLED PINK OPINION: Lip Factory has blown me away the past couple months. It seems that this box is just getting better and better. I truly appreciate a box that sends out majority of full size products. Additionally, this past month the communication through Lip Factory has been excellent. I can really tell that Lip Factory truly appreciate their subscribers, and values the subscribers business. This months anniversary box  had a total value of,by my research and calculations, $125.50 plus worth of products. Wow! With the monthly cost at $22 per month for the Lip Factory Box this has to be one of the best valued boxes I have received in a while. I was truly impressed with July’s Lip Factory Box. What A spectacular value, and great products to boot. I would highly recommend this box, and cannot wait to see more from Lip Factory.

If you are interested in seeing more from Lip Factory, seeing some previous month’s boxes or signing up for this fantastic beauty box you can HERE.

Until next time…
Stay Tickled Pink,


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