Monday, July 22, 2013


Golden Tote selection time! I have anxiously been wait for selection time this month, since I missed out last month. If you have never heard of Golden Tote, well you  are missing out on some great clothing and an awesome deal. 

What is Golden Tote?
Golden Tote is like shopping  on your own and having a personal stylist all in one.  Not only do you get to pick out your clothing, but you get the added surprise of pieces of having clothing picked out just for you by a Golden Tote Stylist. Golden Tote releases their sales once a month, with two options. The first option is $49, and you pick one piece of clothing and then Golden Tote surprises you with the rest, which totals close to $200. The other option costs $149, you pick out two pieces of clothing on your own and then Golden Tote surprises you with in the rest, which totals up to a $600 value.

Here are some of my favorite picks for the for the $49 Golden Tote.

And, Here are some of my favorite picks for the $149 Golden Tote.

I am definitely loving the picks for this month. However, I love the picks for every month. Haha. What can I say I truly to love clothes.  I cannot wait to get my Golden Tote this month!

If you are interested in getting your Golden Tote this month you can sign up HERE.

Until next time

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  1. I was going through your old posts and saw your Golden Tote ones... I really really want to try it but I'm kind of hesitant, because I have a pretty large chest (38DD) and I'm a size 12. It seems like most of the pieces only go up to large and I'm not sure how they would fit. What do you think? You seem pretty petite but do you think that any of the clothes would fit me or do most of them run small? This seems like the most amazing subscription! I always look forward to when you review this one =)

    1. I am thinking back to my pieces that I received, and I think you would be okay with some of their pieces for sure. Additionally, Golden Tote is pretty responsive to e-mails. I would recommend e-mailing them before you purchase and make sure they send you pieces that would work. Another plus is Golden Tote has an excellent return policy. If you do not like your pieces you can return them.