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June The Bride Box Review

I am a little late about posting this box, but better late than never. It seems that June just flew by, and now all my July boxes are getting here. However, I wanted to share this awesome June The Bride Box with you. I was super excited about The Bride Box from the beginning, as I am a bride-to-be myself, and was so excited to see their second The Bride Box.

What is The Bride Box?

The Bride Box is an exciting, well needed, subscription box that shares great gift, treats and ideas to help gals/ the Bride –To-Be (or Groom, if he is in on the planning as well...It is his wedding too.) on the way to THE BIG day, the wedding day.  It is perfect inspiration to help on my way to planning from every aspect of a wedding. 

Cost: $35 per month

And now on to June's The Bride Box

June The Bride Box

In a Jar Foods allows you to pick from a couple different cookie mixes. I got the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix in my box. The cookie mixes are 100% organic, and everything is included to make the cookie in the jar. The best part, obviously, is that you get to design the label. I think this is such a cute party favor idea. Who doesn't like cookies?

I absolutely love these. These would be perfect for any event throughout the wedding extravaganza; from the reception dinner, wedding dinner, to after the wedding, as newlyweds. I checked out Jen Ramsey Designs, and her Etsy store has so many other great items that gave me great ideas for not just my wedding day, but for 0ther parties and events as well. Great addition and ideas for those wine lovers like myself. 

Luxe Lollies Lollipop in Peach Sweet Tea

This too is a very cute idea. I really like that with Luxe Lollies you can design, to make it as special as possible, you own lollipops. Luxe Lollies website allows you to walk through the whole process of making your own lollipops: from  the color, taste, extra additions like mint leaves, to what color ribbon and packaging the lollipop will be in. A green tea/jasmine lollipop in pear color was my pick.

LL Bridal Designs creates customized bridal decorations ranging from the rose pedals, cake toppers to ring pillows. 

I love these heart sparklers. These are super cute idea. The worrier in me, however, makes me worried that if I used sparklers of any kind that a spark would get my dress. You can even buy these through The Bride Box store HERE. 

These lavender bath bombs smell fantastic. These would be perfect for any day of the week, not just for wedding festivities. You can also buy these on The Bride Box store HERE

As twist bands become more and more popular in boxes, I am really starting to like them. I love the new twist on them, adding a cute little charm. These will most definetly come in handy. Something like these Charmed Hair Ties would be perfect for a bridesmaid's gift. These are available through The Bride Box store as well, HERE

TICKLED PINK OPINION: The second The Bride Box is just as good as the first. I love finding new companies, and new ideas for wedding planning. The ideas and items not only fit wedding planning, but they also can help with planning other parties or events. The total overall price of the items of this The Bride Box was $64. WOW! For the quality of items and inspiration it brings, this box is totally worth it.  Again another fantastically curated box by The Bride Box. Two Thumbs Up. 

If you are a Bride-to-be, know a couple about to get married, or just need some great inspiration for event planning, than The Bride Box is a great box for you. If you would like to see The Bride Box's first box you can HERE. And if you would like to subscribe you can check out The Bride Box's website HERE. 

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  1. Stephanie, thanks so much for the awesome review on my Mr, and Mrs. wine charms and the Bride Box! Congrats!

    Jen Ramey
    Jen Ramey Designs