Monday, August 19, 2013

New Subscription Peach Dish Unboxing and Review

There has been a recent influx of subscriptions that provide a deliver to your door / then do it yourself dinner subscription. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, are a couple of subscriptions I am talking about. However, the only one I have found that actually delivers to Washington state is Peach Dish.   I was very excited to find out that Peach Dish ships to Washington, and I immediately had to try it.

What is Peach Dish?

Each week Peach Dish will send a package to your door, which contains all the ingredients for a 3 course meal for two. Yes, two! Everything, including directions, are included. Right now Peach Dish is very new, so the only option is the Mystery 500, which includes the 3 course meal and a free gift.

The cost each week is $20.  

Peach Dish will be having other options as well, as they grow. A You Choose Option for the same price as the mystery, where you get to choose from 2 meals each week. They also will have a Standard Option, which is a 3 course meal for 4 people.

Peach Dish for Week of  August 12th

Cucumber & Onion Salad  and  Pan- Seared Trout with Sautéed Corn

What I received was a cooler like box, that got to me in 1 day. The box was full of all the ingredients all nicely packaged. Nothing spilled or got anywhere, and the produce was still very fresh.

The only con about this week’s box was, since I work all day the box had been left out for a while. And, surprising enough it was a very hot day here in Washington. The trout, which was packaged in its own little cooler within the bigger cooler had to be immediately cooked. It felt like it was still cold, and was still good, however, I am very cautious about this kind of thing.  I wish I would have gotten it from the delivery man earlier in the day. Next week I will have to coordinate better with my fiance’ to get the box in the refrigerator right away.

Peach Dish comes with a very nicely noted recipe/instruction sheet, which I kept handy at all times during the cooking process.  It was very easy to understand.

Course #1- Cucumber & Onion Salad

This was just too easy, and yummy. We left out the onion because it just is something we really do not care for too much. Instead we spiced up the recipe with some almonds, and threw some of the sautéed corn on top.

Course #2 and 3- Pan Seared Trout with Sauteed Corn

This is not something I would cook on a regular basis. It definitely is something that reminds me of my childhood though. Some great memories were of fishing with my dad, and we would come home with trout and cook it up. This is not how we would usually cook trout, opting for baking instead. This pan searing recipe was super easy, and it was tasty. My fiance’ is not a big fish eater though, so this course was all mine. The corn was good, even though I got it a little crispy around the edges.  I never said I was a professional, haha. 
 Gift- Chocolate

These were good and perfect paired with a glass of red wine. When I thought of gift, I was thinking something different, like a kitchen utensil or something, but this works too.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: For my first Peach Dish, my overall opinion was good. I think that the packaging and shipping were good. Next time, like I said, I will make sure to have someone put in refrig before cooking right away.  The ease of cooking this recipe made me definitely want to order it again. Having a full meal planned out start to finish was great. And, it was prepped, cooked, and on a plate ready to eat in no time at all. The only thing that I wish Peach Dish would add, would be an option to pick what our household did not like, so that even in mystery boxes, the meal would be something we could or liked to eat.

Are you ready to start making meals/dinnertime a little easier at home, and would like more information or to sign up for Peach Dish you can HERE.

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  1. I might give PeachDish a try in the future.

    1. Yes, I think you will like this subscription. And Peach Dish has excellent customer service as well!

  2. I have not even received my first box, and I would agree that the customer service is top notch. They are quick to reply, personable, and accommodating. Makes me that much more excited to give them a try!

  3. I have not even received my first box, and I would agree that the customer service is top notch. They are quick to reply, personable, and accommodating. Makes me that much more excited to give them a try!