Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Bluum Box Review

I have been trying out kid boxes lately, not just clothing boxes (I think kid clothing boxes out there right now are actually better than adult ones to tell you the truth, and I am addicted) but some that actually have products that help your child develop, and include things that kids can have fun with. I have tried Citrus Lane, Kiwi Crate, and Crafter’s Crate to name a few. This month I decided to try out the Bluum Box, since I was seeing so many great boxes from last month.

What is Bluum Box?

Bluum Box is a monthly subscription that sends out goodies for mom and child. Each month Bluum sends the most sought after products for mom and child to try out. Each box is curated to fit around the gender of the child, age of the child and developmental stage of the child. The monthly cost for Bluum is $24.95

August Bright Horizon’s Bluum Box

This Bluum box was for a pre-schooler. The theme was Bright Horizons, which included products that are made for pre-school who “beats to their own drum”. Our little one most definitely is in that stage, so independent.

Uber Mom Wipe Box- $7

While this is a nice wipe travel case, we usually just pack the travel packs of wipes without a case. I am sure we will get some use out of this though, and I will put some wipes inside it. I do really like the design.

Parragon Books Portable Checkers- $9

This was a Mommy item, but I am sure the little one would have fun playing with it as well. I am not sure she is at the age to 100% get the concept of how to play checkers, but we have not tried, so I guess you never know. However, please tell me if your 33 month old is playing checkers yet.

Sneakz Organic Yummy Veggie Chocolate Milkshake $3.50 (for 2)

These looked great for the little one, and I was excited to have her try it out. However, she did not like them at all. I actually tasted it, as I wanted to see for myself. And yes, they are not too yummy actually. Well at least they seem healthy enough, just not for us.

Tic Tac Toe Fuzzy Socks - $4

These are very soft, and very cute. I am sure we will start wearing them around the house once it gets colder, as they seem pretty warm.

Discovery Kids Incredible Zoo 3D Sticker Book- $5.50

This was right up our little ones alley. She loves animals, and I was very excited to show her this book. She like the pictures and the stickers very much, but really did not get the 3D thing yet. I am sure she will figure it out, as long as we do not lose the glasses first, haha.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: Overall the value of the box was around $29, and that is not bad considering I used a promo code for this box, so I didn’t have to pay the $24.95 price. The only thing about this box that I do not get is how it is themed. I do not think any of the items in the box really fit well together, and it seems that they just threw a bunch of items together. I also have been looking at other people’s boxes, and I have seen some pretty awesome boxes out there this month, which makes me wonder what happened to this one. For my first month with Bluum I was a little disappointed unfortunately. Additionally, I do not think that the mommy item, checkers, really fits most mothers. Most moms I know do not have time to sit and play checkers when you are looking after a toddler. Enough ranting though, there are some good items in our Bluum box that we will get some use out of. And all that being said, I will be sticking with Bluum for 1 more month to see if the next box is better.

What did you think of your Bluum box this month? If you are interested in learning more about the Bluum Box or signing up you can HERE.

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