Monday, August 12, 2013

August Goldentote Clothing Subscription Review

Some things I have a passion for in my life are my family, friends, fiance’, of course our little one, and clothing. This brings me to Goldentote.  Goldentote is one of those boxes I look forward to the most every month because I get to add some great items to my closet.

What is Golden Tote?
Golden Tote is like shopping  on your own and having a personal stylist all in one.  Not only do you get to pick out your clothing, but you get the added surprise of having clothing picked out just for you by a Golden Tote Stylist. Golden Tote releases their sales once a month, with two options. The first option is $49, and you pick one piece of clothing and then Golden Tote surprises you with the rest, which totals close to $200. The other option costs $149, you pick out two pieces of clothing on your own and then Golden Tote surprises you with in the rest, which totals up to a $600 value.

August $49 Golden Tote

I picked the $49 tote this month. However, I was very tempted to go for the $149, but I was trying to be frugal this month. So I resisted the temptation.

Blue Floral Vacation Maxi

This was my pick for this month. Love myself a Maxi dress, so this was a perfect pick for me. I decided to actually pair this dress up with a black blazer, some nice jewelry, a pair of black flats, and it was ready for a day at work. However, this dress would be equally cute just worn casually for the weekend.

Off White Lace Detailed/ Studded Under Skies Shirt

Very cute and very versatile for work and casually on the weekend. I tend to stay away from buying any white or close to white shirts, but this one is cute, and I will definetly wear it.


Was trying to find a brand on this one, but I couldn’t find one. This is very cute, and will work very well as a Sarong for summer. Love the bright colors as well. Bobbi Set

These matched perfect with the maxi, and I am so glad they are in gold. Love gold anything.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  I think that for $49, this Goldentote was just fantastic, and I loved each item that I received. Additionally, each item fit perfectly, which is an added plus. Getting clothing from anywhere online can be sketchy sometimes on whether it fits or not.  The one thing I would change was that the Sarong be a shirt or a clothing item that I could wear all the time, but that’s okay. I still think that the Sarong is very pretty, and I can still wear it as a scarf after summertime.  I now cannot wait for September picks!!!

What did you think of August Goldentote? If you are interested in signing up or learning more about Goldentote, you can HERE. 

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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