Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jewelmint Mystery Box- Wonder Mystery Box Review

I love getting jewelry, and when I saw that Jewelmint was having a Mystery Box, I thought what the heck I should get one and see if it is worth it. Jewelmint does guarantee at least 2 pieces in these Mystery Boxes and a promo code, with the opportunity to actually get 20 pieces. How cool would that be? Well I did not get the 20 pieces of jewelry, just as a heads up. But, I really wish I had. I am actually a little up and down about the Mystery Box that I got.

Here are the four Mystery Boxes that you could choose from:

I decided to go with the Wonder Mystery Box, which was said to include at least 2 must-have jewelry pieces. I thought this may be the safest of the Mystery Boxes. I must say I love most Jewelmint jewelry, however some are just a little over the top for me.

Wonder Mystery Box

Gold Earrings

I could not find these on the Jewelmint site, but I like them. I really am into gold right now, so I know I will wear them. I think these are a great versatile pair as well.

Rose Gold Chain Bracelet

I love this bracelet. So very chic and stylish and, again, very versatile. I really do not have very many jewelry pieces that are rose gold, but I like the color.

Promo Code

I do not know where this went. I have an e-mail into Jewelmint, as I have not received any promo code.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: Overall, I am not sure if the two pieces are pieces that I would have originally pick if I were picking something on the Jewelmint site. However, I really like the pieces that they choose. Right now Jewelmint is offering 2 pieces for $29.99, and you get to pick the pieces out yourself, and I actually wish I would have done that instead of purchasing the Mystery Box. I would have picked out a nice necklace instead. However, on the other side the Mystery Box pieces were not bad at all, and I know I will wear them, and it was exciting to get the Mystery Box. I always like surprises. I am not sure if I will be getting another Mystery Box from Jewelmint thought, since I am not overly impressed, and I did not get the promo code.

What did you think of Jewelmint’s Mystery Boxes? You can still purchase a Jewelmint Mystery Box if you would like, HERE.

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