Thursday, August 8, 2013

Splendies August Review

Undie/Panty subscriptions are becoming quite popular lately, and I really do not mind, as I do not mind getting some new ones every month. I recently got a Splendies package, and I wanted to share it with you.

What is Splendies?

Well Splendies is a great subscription that sends put 3 pairs of underwear to your door each month.  You just choose your size and they will do the rest. Shipping is really fast, you can change your size at any time, or you can cancel at any time as well.

Cost: $12 $8 per month with Promo Code “PINK”

August Splendies Pack

This 2nd Splendies package I liked a lot more than my first. These were very cute undies, and my style as well.

Vision Intimate Teal and Pink Lace Bikini

These are super cute. I love the lace detail and the color.

Fredericks of Hollywood Red Hip Huggers

These hip hugger undies I normally would not buy, but they are nice. I like the material that they are made out of, and they are quite sexy.

Vision Intimate Black and Grey Hip Hugger/Boyshorts

These are my favorite by far. The color is just up my alley, and they are super cute.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: For $12 per month Splendies is a great deal. $4 per pair of undies, and they are super cute, and very convenient. I look forward to getting my pairs of undies each month, and look forward to seeing what I get next month.

Also I want to point out that Splendies range in size from S to XL. However, there is also an option for more curvy women called Volupties. Volupties also sends 3 pairs of panties each month. The cost per month for Volupties is $17, but with Promo Code “ Pink “ the first month is only $12. If you are interested in learning more about Volupties you can HERE?

What do you think of Splendies or Volupties? Does your wardrobe need a underwear makeover? You can sign up for Splendies HERE and Volupties HERE.


$4 off Splendies ($12 now $8)  using Promo Code “ PINK” ; and
$5 off Volupties ($17 now$12)  using Promo Code “PINK”.

Until next time…
Stay Tickled Pink,



  1. I wish they sold smaller sizes. Their small is way too big for me, but their panties are so cute and affordable!!! :(

    1. I think they go down to extra small. One great thing is Splendies has excellent customer service, I am sure if you sent them a quick e-mail they could accommodate you.