Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Subscription Zockster Reviewed- "Amazing Socks. Delivered"

It is Zockster sock time! Whoo hoo. Not just any socks but bamboo socks. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they are socks made out of Bamboo. Isn’t that just crazy? Well these bamboo socks came from the new subscription Zockster. When I was offered the opportunity to try out Zockter I jumped on it. We love new socks in my household.  

What is Zockster?

Zockster is a Chicago-based startup that delivers amazing socks automatically to customers doors every month.  Subscribers can pick from women’s white ankle socks, men’s white ankle socks, and Men’s black dress socks. Zockster deliver our socks automatically to customers doors, keeping your sock supply fresh and matching. Customers can sign up to receive socks monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly, depending on how active their lifestyle is. The monthly cost ranges from $5 to $8 per month depending on how often you subscribe and what type of sock, and you get 3 pairs per shipment!

Zockster Socks

White Ankle Socks and Black Dress Socks

These are the socks that I got in my Zockster pack. What makes socks amazing? Well, Zockster makes these socks from bamboo. Who knew that bamboo could be made into socks. That is just amazing to me. However, Bamboo is a sustainable, moisture wicking material that feels like cashmere on your feet.  Zockster socks take 1/10 the water to make than your typical cotton sock. Zockster really does not like wasting water. 

TICKLED PINK OPINION: Yes, these socks are indeed as soft as Zockster says. In fact, these socks have amazed me. I cannot believe that bamboo could be used to make socks,  and they are super comfortable. Zockster is making sock buying not only convenient and affordable, but also more eco-friendly. I am loving this subscription already. And I just love the subscription name Zockster; So fun and not easily forgotten, just like their socks.

If you are interested in learning more about Zockster, and their wonderful bamboo socks. Or you just cannot wait one more minute longer to sign up for the amazing sock subscription, Zockster, you can sign up HERE.

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