Tuesday, August 13, 2013

4th RocksBox Jewelry Subscription Review

This will be my 4th RocksBox, and I have to tell you I am still really loving getting new pieces of jewelry to rock each month. I may not keep the pieces, but I certainly love getting to wear different jewelry than what is already in my jewelry box each month.

If you have never heard of RocksBox here is a little bit about this awesome jewelry subscription.

What is RocksBox?
RocksBox is like the Netflix of the jewelry world. Each month RocksBox sends you jewelry pieces that match your style And then you can keep the pieces for up to 60 days. After you are done experimenting and showcasing the stylish pieces RocksBox sends, you return them,  in the return envelope they provide, OR you can also buy the pieces as well. RocksBox members get 20% off all gift memberships as well.  Once  RocksBox gets the jewelry back they will send you another set of three jewelry pieces!!

Cost: $19 per month

My 4th RocksBox

Urban Gem Pave Studs in White ($44.80 )

These were the greatest studs. I love Urban Gem, and I have received Urban Gem in other RockBoxes and I loved those pieces too.  I actually do not have any white studs at all and didn’t know how great they are to have around, as they are so versatile. White and gold really does match anything. I did wear these a couple times, but I didn’t take a picture. The studs worked perfect with a nice work outfit or worn casually with some jeans. Great little earrings.

Margaret Elizabeth Cushion Drop Earrings in Aqua Chalcedony ($72.)

All I can say is more Margaret Elizabeth please. These earring were just so pretty, and the aqua color just beautiful. I have received Margaret Elizabeth before, and was very pleased with their jewelry last time, and they continue to make great pieces.

Gorjana &Griffin Taner Bar Large Necklace ($56)

This was just a classic gold bar necklace that would just look good with anything, which is why I liked it so very much.  I really do adore anything Gorjana & Griffin, and have expressed my love for their jewelry before. Needless to say this necklace did not disappoint.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  Again RocksBox just did a fabulous job picking out great pieces of jewelry for me. Each item really worked well together, or on their own.  And, I really do think they are listening to what their subscribers think about their pieces that they receive each month.  Each month RocksBox allows you to fill out a survey online on whether you “loved”, “liked” or “disliked” each piece of jewelry they send. I of course fill this out. The three pieces that I received in this 4th box were all from designers that I loved before. So great job RocksBox. I cannot wait to see what comes next!

What did you think of RocksBox? Are you ready to expand your jewelry box, or have a little jewelry fun? If you are interested in signing up or learning more about RocksBox,  you can HERE.  Or if you would like a free month just let me know!

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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