Friday, August 9, 2013

New Subscription A Kitchen Box Review

I was very excited to share with you a new subscription box, A Kitchen Box with you today.  I love finding new recipes and love new gadgets to use in the kitchen, so this box was perfect for me.

What is A Kitchen Box?
A Kitchen Box is an original subscription for food lovers and home chefs who want to stay inspired. Each month A Kitchen Box will bring inspiration to your mailbox, in the hopes that that they can bring kitchen confidence, encourage brilliant cooking, and inspire you to share a recipe, a note, a meal. “A Kitchen Box delivers the element of surprise, wrapped and shipped to your door every month!  We curate every box with a specific theme in mind, introducing you to new artisans, products, concepts, and pairings.”
Additionally, A Kitchen Box donates $1 from the sale of every box to an Oregon based non-profit, that changes the life of children.
Cost: $34.95 per month

The Cocktail Box

This box included all elements to see, taste, learn, and try to inspire surrounding cocktails. This box was full of items to help equip you for making a great cocktail.

Original A Kitchen Box Art:  Summer Bounty Postcard

This postcard was super fresh, fit in with the theme very well, and was already stamped and ready to go.

Tabasco Mini

This was a perfect addition to the box if you like a spicier version of the Bloody Mary Recipe, and it was a super cute mini.

Cocktail Muddler

I have always wanted a cocktail muddler, and now I have one.  Yay! All the great cocktail makers have a cocktail muddler! They use this to help get all the great flavors out the herbs and citrus they use in their drinks, now I can try. A Kitchen Box also gives you some great tips to use this great little gadget. Additionally this cocktail muddler is very finely made, A+ kitchen gear!

Citrus Reamer

This is a great little tool to get all the juice out of those lemons, limes or other citrus fruits. I love to have lemon water, so now I have to tool to make it easier. This also will come in hand when I am making some fresh margaritas. Again, this kitchen gear is no joke, and looks to be a very hearty citrus reamer.

Bamboo Cocktail Picks

These are the best cocktail picks ever.  These are just the coolest little picks ever. I had to show how they were packaged inside the A Kitchen Box, because it was presented very nicely!

Flour Sack Towel

This is a very hearty towel, and will be perfect for me, as I am always looking for a great towel for the kitchen.

The Recipes

This month’s A Kitchen Box came with recipes for a great Bloody Mary, which are one of my favorites, and a Ginger Beer Recipe. And they are printed and great paper stock to keep in your recipe box.  Note to self, next purchase, a Recipe box!

Salinity Finishing Salts in Lemon Ginger and Rogue’s Heavenly Blue

These salts look amazingly good. Our house does try to stay away from salts, but these Salinity finishing salts are made with the finest grey salts and organic herbs. These fit in perfect with the recipes for the Bloody Mary and Ginger Beer as well

Trevor Hanks Music Download

Always like to try out new music.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I really love new and creative boxes like A Kitchen Box. I think that they have curated a fun and innovative way to get people into the kitchen. I love how everything really tied together very well, which helped to really support A Kitchen Box's theme for the month. Additionally, I was very impressed with the correspondence  A Kitchen Box team showed, it really was exceptional. They had a little snafu with the Unpacking card, but was quickly resolved  with some very timely e-mail correspondence with the subscribers. I must give it to the team with A Kitchen Box, not only was the box great,  two thumbs up,  but the presentation of this box was over the top. I loved each little aspect of this box, and cannot wait to see more from A Kitchen Box. I am now ready to get into the kitchen and mix me some yummy cocktails!

If you would like to experience A Kitchen Box for yourself you can find out more information and sign up HERE? Are you ready to unpack your next A Kitchen Box?

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,