Monday, August 12, 2013

Petite Parcel Kid Clothing Subscription Update

I was recently informed by the owner/founder of Petite Parcel that they have updated their subscription service. Now Petite Parcel will send you a box of clothing hand selected for your child with choices matching the styling form you've completed at no cost to you. This was changed from the original $14.95 subscription fee. So exciting, I may have to get another box as we need to get some fall clothes soon.

Just in case you have not heard about Petite Parcel.

What is Petite Parcel?

Petite Parcel was started by a father/daughter team, who thought it would be great to help the lives of busy parents, and their kids. Petite Parcel is like a personal stylist at your finger tips for your kids. Each month Petite Parcel will send you 5 outfits, not just pieces but whole outfits, right to your doorstep. The clothing is on the higher end of clothing spectrum for children. And great quality clothing and higher quality fabrics as well. Petite Parcel carries clothes from Paige Lauren, Egg Baby, Joah Love etc. If you have not heard of these brands, just wait and see, you will love them.

Parents can sign up, or you can buy Petite Parcel as a gift, on their website, and then after completing a brief style/size form you are set. Petite Parcel will then send you a parcel that is hand selected just for your little one along with a list of each clothing item and the cost. You get 10 days to pick and choose any items that you would like to keep from your Petite Parcel "parcel", and then whatever you do not want to keep just ship back to Petite Parcel with the return shipping label included in your Petite Parcel.

Here is my first box from Petite Parcel.  I was super impressed, and the clothes were just great.

If you would like to learn more or sign up, you can HERE. And do not forget that for anyone who signs up for Petite Parcel can receive 15% off their total purchase from their Petite Parcel box using Promo code TICKLEDPINK15!

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  1. What was the price range like on the clothes you received?

  2. Oh my god! This is so cute. I have niece who is 7 months old. This is going to be amazing. I am going to order this at my place first and then with the help of same day delivery Dallas I can send it to my sister before my niece’s birthday. I can add other things as well to the parcel that is why.