Friday, August 9, 2013

High Five for Friday

Hi there, and happy Friday! Yes, it is Friday. Whoo hoo. Today I am linking up again with Lauren Elizabeth over at the Lauren Elizabeth Blog for High Five For Friday.

Here are some highlights of this week.

The little one and I decided that we would send Daddy a little text message with us having a fun photo shoot. Goofy yes, but so much fun.

I got an orchid for my birthday, in February, and it is just thriving. I have never been able to really get an orchid to do so well, so this one really makes me proud! Aren't Orchids are so pretty.

If you read in the About me section, you will read that we love animals in our house. Here is a picture of the little one cleaning our albino red eared slider. She is quite the amazing little helper when it comes it our animals.

Loving Rocksbox. This is one of the necklaces that I got in my last Rocksbox from Gorjana Griffin. Gorjana Griffin has some of the best jewelry!

The Julep Celebration Trio has to be one of the best sets of polishes I have gotten in a long time. I was super excited for the weekly nail polish mani because I was excited to try out these new colors. And, I was definetly not disappointed. These colors were even pretty after I put them on my nails. Good job Julep!

What were your highlights for the week? Would love to hear all about them, so link up and share.
Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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