Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I-Ella The List Soho Bag Review

Yay, another clothing and shoe subscription came about a week ago, and it was for me! Another great month for I-Ella the List Bag, and for this month the theme was shoes. Yes, ladies shoes! I was beyond thrilled to see what was packed inside this month’s bag.

What is I-Ella the List?

I-Ella the List is your Personal Stylist in a Box. Each month I-Ella the List will pick out a theme, and send you a box full of fashion goodness, and extra goodies. You can pick from three bags: 1) Starter Bag, which is $59; 2)Soho Bag, which is $129; and 3) St. Barth’s Bag, which is $389.  Before signing up you take a style quiz, to find out what you like best, and I-Ella the List also has you provide all your sizing information, so that any clothing and shoes fit perfectly. The sit back and wait to for the fashion to come to your door.


This month the theme was shoes, and I was thinking, well of course the contents will be shoes. Well, I-Ella went beyond that, and I cannot wait to show you what was in my Soho Bag this month.

Herban Essentials Towelettes -$6.00

These are included in most my I-Ella the List Bags, but I really like them. In this month’s box they included only Lavender, which is may favorite out of them all. These are great to pack in my purse, or to have in a bag for the little one.

Clairvoyant Beauty  DePuffing Eye Gel and Misc. Samples- $16

I am always looking for a better DePuffing Eye Gel. I currently use Benefit Cosmestic, and I really like it,  but we will see how this matches up. There were also samples included of French Clay Cleanser and UnderEye Brightening Gel.  What I like about Clairvoyant is that it is vegan and no animal testing.

Rifle Paper Co. Garden Recipe Card Set- $12

These are just super cute recipe cards, and I love Rifle Paper Co. Somethng I didn't expect to see in my I-Ella the List bag, but I like them.  I may have to find a nice little recipe card holder now.  Any suggestions where to get one?

Michael Lauren Clothing Black Tank Maxi Dress- $90

Michael Lauren has a list of A-list clients like Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, and Jessica Alba. I really like these celeb’s style, so I thought I would  like what was packed inside my I-Ella the List Soho Bag. And, yes, I do! A very classic black tank maxi dress. It is just my style, and is super comfy. I-Ella the List most definitely is keeping my style in mind with this pick. Love it!

MTNG Nile Sandals- $85

And now the SHOES! I usually would not have picked these sandals out these on my own. However, they are super stylish, and I think would look very good with the black tank maxi. MTNG shoes are made in Spain and are said to be super high quality. I am very happy with these sandals.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: The total value of my I-Ella the List Soho Bag this month was $209, and the cost for me was $139 (shipping is extra), and I think the Soho Bag I got was well worth it. I could not be happier with the Shoes I-Ella the List Soho Bag. I am super impressed by the turnaround of the I-Ella bags that I have been getting lately. If you read any of my reviews a couple months ago,  I was a little displeased with what I had been getting. However, I have been super happy with the last two Soho Bags that I have received, and hope that I keep getting bags like this. I know that this bag’s theme was shoes, but I was most excited about my Michaeal Lauren Clothing Black Tank Maxi Dress, and cannot wait to wear it. The next bag’s theme is Sex in the City, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for I-Ella the List Bags. Another maxi would be fine by me! Haha.

What did you think of the Shoes I-Ella the List Soho Bag? Are you wondering which character you are most like from Sex in the City, and what I-Ella the List would pick out for you in their next bag? Well, to learn more or sign up, you can visit I-Ella the List HERE.  

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,



  1. I got similar shoes and tried to like and wear them but just couldn't, I sent back and am waiting on my replacement bag...Hopefully it'll be here soon!

    1. I didnt know you could do a replacement bag...hmmm. Let me know what shoes you get. i would have opted for something less trojan looking, haha.

  2. I'm not sure I'm gonna be getting shoes:(
    Waiting for it to arrive/ship?
    Thinking I'm more of a stitchfix fan than of the list.

    1. Have you got your box yet? Excited to hear all about what you received!

  3. Yes! It wasn't shoes which I had known but a super cute pink shirt dress from M by Madison! It's way to hot for silk now. But can't wait to wear it!

    1. Oh I bet it is super cute. I love shirt dresses! I am eagerly and impatiently waiting for my Sex in the City Box to come. Are you getting the next box as well?