Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fab Kids Box Review

I have been up and down about getting a Fab Kids box for our little one for a while now. Especially since our little one is growing like a weed.  However, when I got an e-mail from Fab Kids the other day for a deal on three pieces from Fab Kids for only $4.95, I had to jump. Amazing deal!

What is Fab Kids?
Fab Kids, which is affiliated with Just Fab, is a company started by a couple of mothers, and Christina Applegate (movie star), and founded to let girls express their individuality through fashion, while allowing parents to get high end clothing at reasonable prices. After taking the style quiz, Fab Kids then picks out clothing perfect for your little one. You can pick and choose what you would like. Every outfit comes with three pieces, and the cost is $39.95. You are not obligated to pick a set each month, and can skip if you choose as well. And soon Fab Kids will be open to boys!   

Summer Picnic Set

This was a perfect set for our little one. We were looking for something that looked comfortable, and something that she could play in, as she is very active (as most 2 ½ year olds are). However, we still wanted something that fit her personality and looked girly. Too bad I didn't have these picks for July, as they would make for a great 4th of July outfit. 

Gingham Summer Tank

This was my favorite out of the three. At first I was a little worried about this tank being too thin, but after receiving it I was very impressed. It was double lined, which  added a little more warmth, and looked to be made very well.  I am very impressed with the first item.

Eyelet Dolphin Hem Short

These shorts are super cute, cuter than I thought they would be. The eyelet pattern on the shorts creates an extra girly feel to the shorts, which I love. These are super cute and will be perfect for our up and coming camping trip.

Star Stripe Tank

This is just a perfect little tank with some girly flare, the silver star. We are not into too much on our shirts, but this was a perfect fit. And, we are starting to really get into learning our shapes, so this adds a little fun to our learning as well since there is a star on the front.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  I am super impressed with Fab Kids, and am glad that I finally went for it. Yes, the deal for $4.95 could not be passed up.  Now that I have seen the clothing, and how well made they are I am more apt to get more outfits for the little one in the next couple months.  The only thing that I can see being a con is that some of the clothing options get sold out pretty quickly.  However, that being said I cannot wait to get some more outfits for the little one. Wish they sold adult outfits like this, haha.

These are some of my top picks for next time:

What did you think of Fab Kids? Are you ready to expand little ones wardrobe? If you are interested in signing up or learning more about Fab Kids,  you can HERE.  And do not forget for all those parents out there with boys, the boys line at Fab Kids is coming soon!

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  1. This is cute! I love the safari jumper! It seems like FabKids has some trendy things. Another cool shopping tool for parents is text shopping... have you guys tried that yet? You sign up for just the gender and size of your child then they text you clothes to purchase... pretty fun and easy. You can check it out at Great blog and great review!