Saturday, August 3, 2013

Julep Secret Store Golden Mystery Box Review

I wanted to share my Julep Secret Store Golden Mystery Box since it came so quickly. I only ordered it two days ago, and it came today. I was super impressed with the shipping this go around.  I have not even shared my regular or add-ons yet, but I was too excited to not share this with everyone. 

This Julep Golden Mystery Box was only available to Julep Mavens that purchased the August Box in the Secret Store, and was guaranteed to include at least $100-$200 worth of Julep products. 

Julep Golden Mystery Box 
(Version 2)

4 Julep Maven Polishes- $11.20 (each. Maven price)

Coco, January, Alfre and Fina. These were all duplicates for me, but I guess I could gift them out or keep them around if I need extra. I really do love January, and I think that was one of the first colors I ever received from Julep.

Julep Everyday SPF Hand Creme- $12.99

I do not have this hand creme yet, and like this addition to my Golden Box. 

Oxygen Nail Treatment- $14.90

This is a great product from Julep, as I was in the need of another Oxygen Nail Treatment. So, I was really happy to see this included in this Mystery Box. 

Belina Hair Ties- $9-10

I love the colors of these hair ties, and always love getting some new twist ties. I was not sure if these would be worth more than the $9 price of the ones on the Julep site because they are from Belina. Belina has awesome jewelry, but I could not find any hair ties

Dolles Salt Water Taffy- $1

This was in the July box. Not really sure if I could put a price on the candy, but I gave it around $1.00. These are good salt water Taffy though. 

Overall, what did I think of the Julep Golden Mystery Box? Well,  for the amount I paid for this Golden Box I got enough product to be happy with the box. However, I was a little disappointed because Julep guaranteed that there would be at least $100 worth of product and there was only around $83 worth of products in the box. And I was hesitant to buy this mystery box in the first place because I have not really been 100% happy with my mystery boxes from Julep lately. All in all it is not a total let down, but not what I really was expecting from Julep.  I may hold off on Mystery boxes from Julep moving forward, but we will see. 

What did you think of Julep Golden Mystery Box? And, what was included in your box?

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  1. The value was far more than 84. The polishes are $14 each, the hand cream $28. You could argue that the hand cream is only 12.99 as they are clearing out of it and then it is gone. But you cant use the julep maven prices as the value as that is not the price of them. A polish retails for $14. Just cause you get a discount that allows you to buy it for $11.40, its still a $14 value.

    1. I think technically I should correct myself... I used current maven prices to value the box, however, if you use the retail prices the box is worth $100

    2. Eh... But the flaw in your logic is that the only people who could even BUY this box are members/mavens that purchased the August box, so the value to these customers is the Maven price. I quit with the mystery boxes, too, since I felt the same way about the "value" and I never saw anyone get one even CLOSE to the higher end - and I felt like a lot of it was just duplicates/close outs they needed to get rid of. I'd rather just buy the specific colors or whatever that I truly wanted!