Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A taste of Japan- Skoshbox Review

I am excited to share this fun and extremely yummy  box that I got last week, Skoshbox. This box sends you a box of Japanese goodies each month, and I could not have been more excited to receive it. I am Japanese,  and grew up on Japanese snacks, so I could not wait to share this box with my fiance' and little one since they have not had many Japanese snacks before.

August Skoshbox

Hashi-  (Chopsticks)

This was my favorite part of the box, and since I am the only one in the house that uses chopsticks they will be just for me. I love the pink accent color!

Almond Rush

Who does not like Milk Chocolate with almonds. Yummy!

Cheese Kibun

This thin cracker was packed with some yummy cheese flavor. I love that the Japanese snacks are all individually packaged. These are how they come if you buy a bigger package at a Japanese market as well.

Suzume No Tamgo

Peanut coated in a rice cracker shell. Another one of my favorites. You would not think that these are peanuts, but they are, and they are yummy.

Elise Stick

These are like sugar wafers, which are so yummy. However, these are 100 times better tasting and so moist. Delish.

Fuwa Fuwa Jelly

This is a marshmallow with  melon inside gummy. I gave this to the little one. I think she liked it. 

Mini Salad

This is not a mini salad per say, but it is a airy rice cracker that has a salad-dressing like coating on it. Very good, and nice to have with a salad as well.


These were packaged so cute, but I had no idea what these were until I opened it up.  I had not read the information card yet, since the little one wanted to see what was inside right away. As you can see, it looks like a giant cheese puff. And, yes, that is exactly what it is.  A great treat for kids.

Milk Caramel

Does not look like caramel, but it is. Yummy!

Fruit Gummy

These were my favorite growing up. They are like regular gummies, but 100 times better. We got the Grape and Strawberry in this Skoshbox, and they were just as delicious as I remember. Each are packed with excellent flavor, and delicious.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  I may be biased because I love Japanese snacks, but this Skoshbox is just a great snack box. And, it is only $12 a month.  I think I may have to send these out to extended family because I know the Skoshbox would be a perfect little surprise for everyone, since they all love Japanese treats.  If you have never had any type of Japanese snack before, well I think you will love trying out this great little box. A great little taste bud adventure!

What did you think of August Skoshbox? If you are interested in signing up or learning more about Skoshbox,  you can HERE.


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