Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Subscription Nailed Kit Review

I got the opportunity to try out a new subscription Nailed Kit, and I am so excited to share it with you. I love beauty and makeup kits, but I especially love anything nail related, as well as anything that helps doing my nails easier and quicker.  So you can imagine my excitement when this little box quickly arrived at my doorstep. 

What is Nailed Kit?

Nailed Kit is a great new subscription that sends you a Nail Kits that include Nail Polish strips, nail decals, bling and all the tools to have great and fashionable nails. Each get that subscribers receive each month are fresh designs, and arrive at your doorstep each month for only $14 per month.

Nailed Kit

The November Kit was perfect for the holiday season. It include all the great tools to have some perfect nails for fall and the Thanksgiving holiday. It all came in such a nicely packaged box, and each step was nicely labelled for easy application. 

Step #1- Start It
This is the first step in the Nailed Kit. These Nail Polish Strips were very easy to use. After watching the instruction video online, it was very easy to go through each step. The nail polish strip application took the longest, but was still very easy. The nail strips were very easy to file down for perfect application. 

Step #2- Personalize It

These were the November decals, and they were perfect for the season. I found that this part was  the part where your creativity can shine. With a little hot water these decals were very easy to put on the nails. Each kit includes plenty of these decals that can be used for multiple nail looks, even after the nail strips have to come off. You just use your own nail polish add the decals and you have a whole new look. 

Step #3- Bling It

I am not a big fan of putting gems/rhinestones on my nails, and blinging them out, but I tried it to see how it looked. I put three on each ring finger, and it really looked great. And, it was really easy to put on. And again, you have enough bling to add more bling to other nail looks after your first look fades away.


Each Nailed Kit includes a file and a shaping stick. These are necessary, and were used every step of the way. And like most of this kit, can be used again when you have to do your nails again.

Nailed Kit Shop- Wish List
Nailed Kit not only has a monthly club, but you can also buy other kits. Here are some kits I think are super cute. The bachelorette kit can even be specialized to be monogrammed.  Such a clever idea, I love it for when I get married.


This is a great new subscription, and I really think it is a great way for ladies to have great specialized nails that are cute, stylish, and all for a very reasonable price. Additionally, for those who love to be creative you can design you nails to look any way you would like. And, it all is super easy and with no mess.  I am not 100% how to price this, but I know nail polish strips on there own can range in price, some around $7-9 per nail polish strip pack. Nailed Kit comes with so much more, and shipped right to your door, so $14 per month seems very reasonable. And most the kit can be used for multiple applications.  I cannot wait to see the December's Nailed Kit. 

What did you think of Nailed Kit? If you would like to learn more about Nailed Kit, Nailed Kit's monthly kit, or their other great items, you can HERE.

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