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Learning and Fun Delivered- M is for Monster Subscription Review

I immediately knew I had found the perfect subscription for our little one when I came across M is for Monster. And when I was offered a box for our little one, I immediately was stoked to see what M is for Monster was all about.

What is M is for Monster?

This is a great subscription for parents who are looking for an educational box for their toddlers. Each month is themed different. You will get four weekly themes with 2 to 3 projects for each theme. You will also get the glue, crayons, markers, paint and all the other supplies needed for that month. Each box will be mail out on the 22nd of the month so you will be ready to start your learning fun on the 1st of the following month. The boxes are separated into to categories: Toddler (2-3 year olds) and Preschool (4-5 year olds). Cost is $32.95 per month.

M is for Monster Box
After opening this box up I was super impressed. The schedule of activities for our little one for the month of November was all covered, and the activities looked awesome.  I actually tried to hide the full box from our little one, as she would have wanted to do everything at once. This box also came with a great book to share with the little one. She loved it. While she is not reading yet, we love reading together. And, we really love the Step Into Reading Books, so this was a perfect addition to the box!

Week 1: 
This was a fun week of learning, but also having a lot of fun. The theme of this week was Scarecrow. We went over our letters and ABC song with the Scarecrow Letter Matching. Our little one is still trying hard to learn her letters, so this one was a little tough at first. But with some help she was on her way in no time.  During this 1st week, M is for Monster, also had a fun art activity of making a scarecrow. This was a fun activity to go over our shapes, which our little one getting to be an expert at. 

Week 2:
Week 2 was a busy week, and the theme was pumpkins. After just carving pumpkins the week before, our little one loved the activities in this week, which included: Pumpkin Sequencing; Pumpkin Stamping, Pumpkin Numbers and Pumpkin Sticker Farm. As a huge fun of stickers you can guess which activity was the most fun for our little one. Her picture was so cute, and there were more stickers for her to hold on to for later week projects.

Week 3: 
Great timing with the theme for week 3, Turkeys. Just in time for Thanksgiving. The 3rd week was lots of fun, and we made Turkey Art, Pin the Beak on the Turkey, and Feather Matching. She really was getting good at feather matching, and we brought this out every week in November, as she loved the feathers.  What I really like is that many activities can be used again in other weeks as well.

Week 4:
This was Thanksgiving week, so what better theme for this week then Thanksgiving! For this week we did not write down what we were thankful for, but talked about it. We definitely let our little one know how thankful we were for her! The tracing activity actually was a very popular activity so we did this in earlier weeks,  and I decided that this was an excellent project. We had to make new tracing lines for the little one to practice with. 

I am over the top excited about this subscription. I am not the one who gets to stay home most days with our little one, so daddy is doing some of these projects with our little one. However, I am the creative one, who usually can put this together.  M is for Monster is just the subscription we have been looking for to help. I love that everything, and I mean everything was included in this box. I have little time to put together a monthly activity list and get all the tools to accomplish a lesson plan for our toddler so to have it done for us is FANTASTIC. She was already doing great with learning number, letters, etc., but M is for Monster just helps guide us along, and helps with making our little ones toddler education excel. Excellent educational activities delivered right to our door. I definitely think M is for Monster box is worth every penny!!

What did you think of M is for Monster? If you would like to learn more or sign up, you can HERE.

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