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Spicy Subscriptions Deluxe Spice Box Review

When I say there are boxes out there for anyone, I really mean it. I really like this subscription, and find it very fun for couples.  Spicy Subscriptions is a box that has been around for a while now, but I had not tried it until recently. When they gave me the opportunity to try one of their boxes I was really excited. And yes, indeed, it is Spicy.

What is Spicy Subscription?

A fun subscription for adults, that sends fun adult products to your door each month. This subscription is full of intimacy products hand picked by the spice shop, from the best brands, and discreetly sent to your door each month. Cost each month is $29-$34.95 each month.

*This review contains adult materials, and is not intended for anyone under 18.  

Spicy Subscription
Deluxe Spice Box 
This was the Deluxe Spice Box for October. It got a little delayed in the mail due to my mailing address, and then a little more delayed due to my hectic schedule. But, needless to say, this was a wonderful box, and I would hate to not share it with my readers. Again, this is an adult box, and the review contains adult items meant for adult eyes. 

Body Boudoir Love in Luxury Pheromone Moisture Meringue- $10
This is like a whipped body butter. It smells a lot like something you would eat, but feels great on the skin. It is meant to moisturize like any other body butter, but also has the added touch of pheromone, which is a attractant to the opposite sex. 

Screaming O Warming O Balm- $15
At first glance this sounds a little painful, at least in the name of the product.  When you actually look at the pot it then looks like a regular lip balm pot. But, that is what it is supposed to look like. It is for the lips, and it has a natural warming effect. 

Body Boudoir Naughty Secrets Pheromone Body Fragrance - $15
This smelled great. It was a Pear Berry Smell, and is like an after shower body spray. The only catch with this body spray is it has pheromones, which is supposed to attract the opposite sex. 

Body Boudoir Body Dew - $10
I really like body oil for in the shower. It gives the skin great moisture, without having to use a ton of lotion out of the shower. This body oil, which smells great (Tropical Tease), was made to also make the body feel silky smooth. 

Triple Action Vibrating Ring - $15
Well if anyone is looking for a little spice in the bedroom, well this is it. It looks a little overwhelming at first glance, but seems to be a great item for both him and her. 

Jo Volt and Frolic Samples - $1

Great samples to include in a spice box, and very useful. 

I really think it is great that their are adult subscriptions out there. Many couples have very busy lifestyles, and do not always have the time to purchase fun items like these. And, something like the Spicy Subscriptions, helps spice up the bedroom and a convenient, and easy, yet discreet way. Also, the Spicy Deluxe box costs only $34.95 per month, and included approximately $66 worth of products. Wow, that is a great subscription! I also like that it is a great subscription for not only myself, but for him as well. Very fun.

What did you think of Spicy Subscriptions and the Deluxe Spice Box? If you are interested in learning more or signing up, you can HERE.

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