Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jewelmint Cyber Monday Mystery Box Review

I have not gotten a Mystery Box in a while, and when I saw that Jewelmint was having a Mystery Box for only $24.99 for Cyber Monday, and only for 1 day only,  I had to get myself one.

Mint Cyber Mystery Box
This Mystery Box was guaranteed to have at least 5 pieces included in each box. There was also an opportunity, for lucky box receivers, to get up to 20 pieces, A Limited Edition Jewelry Box, or a Jewelmint piece named after you.  And again the cost was $24.99. Best of all it shipped the next day, so I received it super fast!

I could not find the actual names of each piece of Jewelry that I received in this box. I received a total of 6 pieces, however one of the necklaces, one I actually found online, was sold  as a two necklace set.

Sweet Dreams Duo Necklaces

This was my favorite piece out of the whole set. So pretty, and very dainty. Perfect fit for my style! I would have paid $24.99 just for this necklace set!

Leaf and Butterfly Rose Gold Necklace

This necklace is very pretty, and I love the rose gold color. I am not sure how to wear this, as the style is a bit different than I am used to. I may gift this out for the holiday season.

Gold/Purple Cuff
This is very pretty, and it matches some other purple/gold jewelry that I have. It is a little bigger than I usually wear for bracelets, but it is very pretty and I am sure I can do something with it.

Amber Raised Arrow Cuff
This is so pretty, and I love the amber color. I know someone who likes amber jewels better than me though, so even though it is very beautiful, I may be giving it away as a gift.

Gold Spike Bracelet
I love gold jewelry, and this bracelet, while a little out there, will fit perfectly with some of my other bracelets.


I am thoroughly impressed with the Jewelmint Mint Cyber Mystery Box. While I did not get more than what they advertised for their Mystery Box, it was defiantly worth the $24.99 cost. There is no way I could have gotten all these pieces of jewelry for that cost anywhere. And, what pretty pieces all of them were. I cannot wait for another Mystery Box from Jewelmint. I also got a 25% of coupon my next purchase! Whoo hoo! 

What did you think of the Mint Cyber Mystery Box? If you would like to learn more or sign up for Jewelmint, you can HERE.

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