Friday, December 6, 2013

Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Review

I have been wanting to give one of Fancy subscription boxes a try for a while now, and I was very excited to finally get that opportunity.  I was really stuck on which box to choose though, I finally opted for the Kelly Rowland Box.

What is Fancy?
“Fancy is the place to discover, collect and buy from a crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and great stores. Part store, magazine and wishlist, Fancy is the best place to buy great things. Use Fancy to find a gift for any occasion and share your favorite discoveries with all your friends.”  

Fancy also features some great subscription boxes: Kelly Rowland Box, Jennifer Love Hewitt Box, etc. Check it out below. All subscription boxes are $39 per month plus shipping.

Kelly Rowland Fancy Box

Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Subscription

This was the first Kelly Rowland Fancy Box, and I was so excited to see what Kelly Rowland fancies.  What is great about each Fancy Box is that if you see something you fancy out of one of the boxes, you can always buy it on its own through Fancy as well.

Lomography Diana Baby 110- $59
Lomography Diana Baby 110 Camera
This is a cute little camera. Kelly Rowland says it is like the original Instagram. This little camera is so small it fits in your pocket. You can take it anywhere without the bulk. The only thing this needs is the film. But Fancy sells the film as well. I cannot wait to give little little camera a try.

Ciate Very Colorful Manicure- $25
Ciate Very Colourfoil ManicureI have seen so many Ciate kits that I love. This one looked just awesome, and I was very excited to give it a try. I was about to do a foil blue and green manicure for my Seattle Seahawks Gameday  nails, but unfortunately the glue had dried out in my Ciate kit. Not worries though, I contacted Fancy and they let me know that for customers they would replace the kit immediately.

Japonesque Eyelash Curler-$14

Precision Eyelash Curler by Japonesque
This eyelash curler is amazing. I love it. It works like a charm, and it came at the perfect time since my eye lash curler was getting a little raggedy.

Paris Skyline Tights-$15

Paris Skyline Tights
These are very original tights, and are from ASOS. I really love ASOS, and know that they have very high end- quality clothing. I am hoping I can pull these off with a cute outfit soon. And tights came at just the right time, as it is freezing over here in Seattle.


My first Fancy Box, the Kelly Rowland Box was great. I was excited to give it a try, and I can see what the rage is all about with the Fancy Box. I really am impressed as well with how quickly it was shipped to me, very impressive.  The only down side is that I cannot use my Ciate Very Colorful Manicure kit, but with some other products I have I am sure I can make it work.  If you like any of the products that are listed in the Kelly Rowland Box, you can get it at Fancy as well.  The camera would be such a great Christmas gift! I may have to hold on to it and give it as a present.  Now that I have tried Fancy Box, I want to try them all out. The first on my Fancy list is the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Subscription

What did you think of the Kelly Rowland Fancy Box? If you would like to see more or sign up for any of the fantastic Fancy Boxes you can HERE.

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