Sunday, December 1, 2013

Expand your Jewelry Collection- Jewelbits Subscription Review and Promo Code

One thing I am a sucker for when I go shopping, is jewelry. Yes, there is not one day that I do not wear a necklace, earrings and bracelets. And there is jewelry out there to match anything.  One subscription that has come out lately is Jewelbits. And, let me tell you it was like Christmas time for when I got this box.

What is Jewelbits?
Jewelbits is a new subscription for fashionable, savvy women who do not have the time to shop. For $33-$39 per month (depending on the subscription you get), Jewelbits stylists pick out 2-3 pieces of trendy jewelry (worth around $125) to match your personal style: Boho Babe, Glam Gal or Classic Chick. 

Classic Chick Jewelbits Box
I probably could have picked any of the three styles and liked it all, but I thought classic was a good pick for now. I am sure I will pick other styles in months ahead. Yes, you can change your style  anytime (or cancel, if needed).

Gold Strand Necklace and Matching Earrings

If Jewelbits could have known my style any better with these pieces, I would have thought they had hidden camera in my closet. I love gold and black jewelry together. I really do wear a lot of black, so this black and gold necklace and earrings work perfect with lots in my closet. I have already worn it a couple times, and it was very beautiful. A great first couple pieces from Jewelbits. 

Gold Tassel Necklace

While I think this necklace is super pretty, I would have never really picked it out myself. However, I do think it will match many shirts I have, so I do not think it will just sit in my jewelry box. A very versatile piece. 

Emerald Green Bracelet
Emerald or any green color is my favorite. I definitely think this is a bold bracelet and I usually go for a more subtle bracelets, but the color is beautiful. I know that this will work well to make an outfit pop. 

This is a great new subscription, and for a lady like me who really is pretty busy, having a stylist pick out my jewelry is great. I also love exermenting with new jewelry pieces.  I think that Jewelbits should just add one little section to their website letting them know what subscribers do not like AT ALL, and it would be perfect. Also, for the price of $33 per month, I could have never bought all of these pieces separately. For my first Jewelbits Box, I am very impressed, and cannot wait to see more from Jewelbits. i I think my next box will be Glam Gal, maybe get some pieces for New Years! I also am thinking I may have to subscribe some family and friends, as this is a perfect gift subscription!

Jewelbits is offering 15% OFF ALL NEW JEWELRY SUBSCRIPTIONS & GIFTS -- from now until Monday at midnight. Just use the promo code "BITS15" at checkout.  

What did you think of Jewelbits? Are you looking to expand your jewelry collection? If you would like to learn more about Jewelbits or sign up, you can HERE.

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  1. Black and emerald – two of my favorites, too. Gold and black automatically make accessories classy, and emeralds are simply enchanting. Don’t we all feel like Christmas when we receive gifts as wonderful as these? Dann Hires @ McCarty\'s Jewelry