Friday, December 6, 2013

New Subscription- Fit Box Sample Review

I think I may have found one of my new favorite boxes.  Fit Box Samples recently graciously sent me one of their Fit Box Samples bags for me to try out, and I really am impressed.

What is Fit Box Samples?
FitBox Samples hand-picks 8-9 samples from the very best sports nutrition companies, then delivers these samples directly to your door each month. .Cost $10 per month.

Fit Box Samples

I always am looking for on the go snacks, and things to keep my energized and actually getting good nutrition into my body each day, Fit Box Samples is just what I have been looking for.  Many times I stray away from buying new energy bars or drinks, because I am not sure I will like them, Fit Box Samples packs all these samples into one bag, and now I can pick and choose which samples I like best, and rather than having to go to the store it is delivered right to me.

PowerBar Energy Blasts
These are great for a before workout treat or a pick me up during a busy day. They provide an excellent source of vitamin c, and are energy filled. I have had these before and they are pretty tasty. I would only eat half of this pouch at a time or munch on it throughout the day,  one pouch is about 190 calories. And, they really are yummy.

Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus and Hydrate and Recover
 I am always looking for things to add to my water, like Crystal Lite. These Wilderness Athlete are perfect, a great source of hydration, less calories than Gatorade, and very easy packed in my purse. These are also Gluten Free.

LaraBar Peanut Butter Cookie 
ProBar in Yogurt Berry.
I immediately nibbled on the LaraBar, which is gluten free, dairy free, soy free , non-GMO, vegan, and delicious. I have had these before, and was excited to get one in my first Fit Box. A great pick for the Fit Box.  I have never heard of ProBar before but it sounds yummy. I will probably try this out for a pick me up before working out one day. The ProBar is a great source of Protein as well.

PowerBar Harvest Energy in Roasted Peanut Butter and 
Good’n natural in Peanut Butter
I really like that the Fit Box had two more bars with Peanut Butter, great flavor choice. Each of these bars are made for after workouts, and both are more of a granola/nut bar. I have not tried either brand before,  and excited to give them a try or have A give them a taste.

Crystal Lite Energy 
GU Energy Gel
Crystal Lite has always been my go to addition to water, and I have had this kind before so I know I will like it.  I like to keep Crystal Lite at my desk for days I just am sick of coffee or water. The Energy Gel will probably go to my mom or someone who likes a quick pick me up before their workout. I am not the biggest fan of gel, or I would use it myself.

Tiger’s Milk
This nutrition bar has been around forever. I actually had never tried it before, but this one is peanut butter and honey. Sounds good to me. The Tiger’s Milk bar is the bar with the least amount of calories, which is good as I watch mine. I will be putting this is my desk for a pick me up/lunch on a busy day.


I am super impressed with how much was included in this Fit Box Samples. Wow. For only $10 a month, a bag like this is well worth the money. I did not do a price breakdown, but just for the energy bars at stores you spend close to $2 per bar. With everything else that was included the Fit Box Samples Bag exceeds the $10 subscription cost. And it is great to give people a chance to try new great products, that also promote great nutrition and health. I also think this is a great box to send out as a gift. I cannot wait to see more for Fit Box Samples! Right now Fit Box Samples has a Holiday Gift Deluxe Fit Box Samples Boxfor $32. You can check it out HERE.

What did you think of the Fit Box Samples? If you would like to see more or sign up for Fit Box Samples, you can HERE.

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