Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday DIY Subscription- December TO DIY FOR Darby Smart Box Review

I do not post many of the DIY project that I do in my free time. (Not too many). However, since this one was made possible by my Darby Smart subscription box, I thought I would share this recent Holiday project.

What is Darby Smart?
There are many options with Darby Smart. You can first sign up to get a subscription for their monthly TO DIY FOR box. Each month Darby Smart send a great DIY project that was designed by leading designers and then delivered to your door, so you can create great projects in the comfort of your own home. You can also select from many other DIY projects like: Etched Champagne Flutes ($29); Gilded Votives ($16); or projects like a Rock Chic Cuff ($29) for those jewelry lovers out there.  The projects are endless.

Cost for Darby Smart Monthly Subscription- $19 per month

December TO DIY BOX

This box came with everything you need to make a great Marquee Lighted Sign, and extra. When I opened the box I was greeted by a lovely Elvis Christmas song. Such an awesome touch, and made me like Darby Smart even more. I made A wear it all night long, and kept turning it on and off. I was cracking up, singing, and dancing the whole time. Him, well, maybe not so much!

The box came with everything that you need to make the Marquee Sign, and nothing else was needed. I love that part! I love not having to wander around the house looking for what I need to make something. The contents were also very nicely packaged, labeled, so that anyone could know what tools are for what.
Instructions and Ease
The instructions were very straight forward and to the point. There was no confusion, and I could easily figure out what steps need to be accomplished start to finished project.

TO DIY FOR December 
I was very happy with the  Darby Smart project pick for December. The DIY Project was great for not just the holidays, but it could be used all year round as well. I could have made a more Holiday like Marquee sign, but I think my “Joy” sign was a good all-year-round Marquee sign. The Darby Smart subscription box also included a practice sign, which I could have practiced on, but decided I was going to make two Marquee signs. (I did not take a picture of my 2nd one, but it read “A & S”). The only thing about making two Marquee signs is that each Marquee sign is not as filled up with lights. I was okay with that though, but to each their own.


I love DIY projects, so the Darby Smart TO DIY FOR Boxes are just up my alley. I have received past month boxes, but have not blogged about them yet. I am still thinking I will. I also think that the price is just perfect. I am super busy so I do not have all the time in the world to go shop for DIY tools, nor do I have time to think up ideas, so Darby Smart does a lot of the busy work for me. All I get to do is enjoy and get creative, which I love!  I got one more box over the holiday season, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

What did you think of the December TO DIY FOR Darby Smart Box? If you are interested in getting your own Darby Smart DIY project, and get your DIY on, you can find more projects or sign up HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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