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"Tis The Season"- Bonjour Jolie December Review

Bonjour Jolie Box is a women’s time of the month box, but each month sends you way more than the time of the month supplies. I am always excited when I see my Bonjour Jolie Box has shipped, and it usually is the first box to arrive each month. December was no different.

What is Bonjour Jolie?
A  Premium Subscription Box Designed Exclusively for Women to Be Pampered During Their Period! Each Monthly Box is Filled with Hand Selected Items, Specialty Bath and Body Items, Gifts, Teas, Amazing Treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, and of course, Feminine Products for your time of the month. Cost $16 per month plus shipping.

December Bonjour Jolie Box
Tis the Season is the theme of this December Bonjour Jolie Box! This box was made to just celebrate the season and the holidays!

Silver Snowflake and Jingle Bell Bracelet $16
I always love the gift like this, and this bracelet is just so pretty. I really think getting jewelry in any subscription box is always special.  I have especially appreciated Bonjour Jolie’s thoughtfulness in the gifts that they include in each month’s box, because they always put that extra “your special to us” touch into each months gift!

Ghirardelli Chocolates $3
StreetLand Chocolate Snoflake Coins 
It is not the holiday time without some peppermint chocolate. I was just running around the grocery store the other day and they were giving out samples of Ghirardelli Chocolates. I didn’t partake, but A did, and he said they were yummy. I think this is a little treat I will pass over to him.

I had no idea, but Chocolate Coins are a tradition to be given out during Christmas  and Hannakkah as far back as 270 AD. Interesting fact.

Sweet Dreams Hot Cocoa Mix and Peppermints-$1
Hot Cocoa! Yummy! These Yummy drink treats are also vegan, sugar free and gluten free! I cannot wait to make a toasty mug to share with the little one!

Peppermint Lip Balm 
Vanilla Sugar Scrub Lip Treatment-$8
This great little treat was made especially by Bonjour Jolie. It smells great, and am glad to be getting some more lip balm, especially because we are getting into the cold months. And to help exfoliate those lips, the Lip Scrub will work great.

Crocheted Face Scrubby by Sam’s Crochet-$5
I have gotten a crochet face scrubby in another box, but I had a hard time using it because I didn't want to get my makeup all over it. I should really give them a try.

Gingerbread Scented Candles-$1
Perfect for the holiday season, and they smell amazing. 

Summer’s Eve Wipes, Advil and Time of the Month Products

Everything you need to get through another time of the month episodes, included in each awesome Bonjour Jolie Box. 

Another fantastic box from Bonjour Jolie.  I always enjoy getting surprised each month when I see the Bonjour Jolie Box, since I never know what awesome surprises I will find. This month with December they curated another box that fit the season perfectly. The December’s Bonjour Jolie Box included approximatly $35, NOT including the time of the month products. That is spectacular, since the cost each month for Bonjour Jolie Box is $16 (plus shipping). I cannot wait to see what the new year brings for Bonjour Jolie box!

What did you think of the Bonjour Jolie box this month? If you are interested in learning more or signing up for the Bonjour Jolie box, you can HERE. 

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