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Citrus Lane Review and Best Deals of the Year and Promo Code

I was very excited to get another opportunity to bring the excitement of the Citrus Lane box back into our house for our little one. I really was impressed with this box before and so did our little one, so we knew to expect some great goodies in this November box. It was perfect timing as well, as her birthday was around the same time the box came.

What is Citrus Lane?

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription that sends out age appropriate engaging toys, healthy and nutritious treats, snuggly items, books and so much more for kids ages 6 months to 6 years old. Each monthly box costs $25 per month. 

Right now they have their best deals of the year going on. 

3 month subscription each box cost $18.67

6 month subscription each box cost $17.50

12 month subscription each box cost $16.33

Citrus Lane Box 
This box was designed to include great items good for playtime and bedtime. I originally thought this was November's box, but I was informed that this, in fact, is October's box. 

Dreamz & Twinkies To Go from Cloud B- $18
This was a hit for our little one. We have always had a night light for her, but recently since we moved further out to the country, where you can actually see the stars very clearly most nights, we have been pointing out the stars to her, and she is very into the stars now. She l often points them out to us now. This little Twinkle To Go Octo shines bright with Stars and Fish, and she thinks it is just so cool that she can sleep under the stars now. What I really like about the Octo is that it has a set timer for 45 minutes, and then it turns off. No wasting batteries!  A great addition to her box. 

Rhythm Sticks from Hohner Kids- $6
I think any kid would love these Rhythm Sticks. These sticks are great while singing songs, teaching rhythm patterns, and just to run around making noises around the house. 

BOPS from Good Boy Organics- $3
This is a yummy baked treat for both parents and little one. What I like about this chip is that it contained less fat, gluten free, free of trans fat and preservatives, and they are baked. They tasted very good. You can tell they were not a normal potato chip, since they were not greasy at all, but they were very tasty.

Ladybug Magazine and Digitial Subscription- $8
I had never really taken a look at this magazine before. We subscribe to Zoobooks, and really like that magazine, but after looking through Ladybug Magazine I really like this one too.  The magazine contains great stories to share at bedtime or to read whenever, and all with some great illustrations. I cannot wait to download this on to the I-Pad to share with our little one as well. She has been asking to read at bedtime a lot lately, and it will be great to have new stories for her all the time, and that keep her actually interested and engaged. 


Overall, we were very happy with our Citrus Lane box this month. I think that the mix of playtime and bedtime items was perfect. The playtime toys will keep our little one busy and entertained, and the night time toys will definitely help out with bedtime. It is great we got bedtime items this month since bedtime is not our little ones favorite part of the day.  With the Twinkle Octo and the stories, hopefully bedtime with be easier. Our Citrus Lane box was a courtesy box, but would normally cost $25 per month. The contents of our box this month included around $35 worth of products. So while, I have seen some other Citrus Lane boxes that wowed me a little more than this one, this was definitely was still a great box and was worth the subscription cost.  Since I have seen so many other boxes out there that I love, I really think I may renew my Citrus Lane subscription, especially right now with all the great deals.

Promo Code

Right now you can get $10 off your first box using Promo Code CLBLOGGER at checkout. Another great promotion to use to get your first Citrus Lane Box! 

What did you think of my Citrus Lane Box? Are you going to take advantage of the great deals right now? If you would like to learn more or subscribe, you can HERE.

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