Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Pet Subscription- Dr. D's Pet Packages Review

I was very excited to get this new pet box this month, and know that our family pets will love everything in it. Dr. D’s Pet Package offered to send a great Dr. D’s Pet Package for puppies our to me, and I could not be more excited. This is my first pet box.  And I have to tell you any puppy or pup would be very grateful to get a box full of these  goodies.

What is Dr. D’s Pet Package?
Dr. D’s Pet Package is a new subscription that curates special packages for your dog or cat, filled with toys, custom treats and supplies selected by their veterinarian, Dr. D, to suit the needs and preferences of your pet. Dr. D’s Pet Packages also takes into consideration the following:

Breed - Did you know that Labrador Retrievers require more fatty acids than other breeds due to the oils produced by their skin?   
Age - From playful pups and cute kittens to wise old dogs and cats, we've got products to please them all.   
Health - Your pet's medical history is taken into account.  Dr. D is fully knowledgeable about different ailments and how to accommodate for them in her pet gifts. 
Allergies - Dr. D adjusts contents to ensure you and your pet stay safe. 
Preferences - Does your pet like to chase, fetch or chew? 

Cost: $19 to $49 per month

Dr. D’s Pet Package
For Puppy

I really loved that this box was packaged so nicely, and organized so that the toys did not squish the treats. You know me and presentation, it just says so much about how a company cares about what they are sending out to their customers.

Max & Ruffy’s- Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch- $13
This is a wheat and gluten-free treat that have a great nutritional value for any growing puppy, as well as serve as a great treat for all doggies. I really appreciate that the treats that Dr. D’s Pet Packages included treats that cater to pups that cannot have wheat or gluten, it is sometimes hard to find those kind of treats unless you go to specialty pet stores.

Bouncy Burrow Buddies- $10
I love this toy!! I can remember giving my pup a toy once, going out of the room for about 10 minutes, and coming back into the room and it ended up looking like there was a war between cotton balls. Stuffing was everywhere. Any toy without a squeaker or stuffing is all gravy around our house!

Sheep Skin Tug-$11
Dr. D’s Pet Package heard that socks was a favorite of our pup, and yes they were right. They specially added this in our pet package, since it is like a sock! Great addition to our box! Thanks Dr. D!

Petprojekt- Spykbal-$10
Anything that help get energy out, and also works as a chew toy is also a plus! Puppies always seem to want to be chewing on something. This Spykbal is great for fetching and chewing, and is made to last!

Plato Pets Natural Duck Strip Treats- $15

These were not included on the packing information list, but I was excited to see them in the box. These are corn, gluten and soy free treats, made of 90% USDA Duck, made in the USA, and perfect for training. I think some pets are going to be spoiled this month!

Bonus- Handmade Double Fleece Lined Pet Blanket-$29
Dr. D’s Pet Packages have included this amazing blanket, which are not part of the regular box, but were homemade just for all the wonderful pets out there who need a cozy blanket. Again, they are homemade, and can be purchased through the Dr. D’s Pet Packages website. Aren't they cuLet me tell you these blankets are so cozy and soft, I just wanted to keep it for myself.  However, I have found that pets need cozy blankets to sleep in as much as I do. My dog Levi used to love every blanket I would give him, and would cozy in between the blankets every night for bedtime. These would be a great holiday present for any animal!

Dr. D’s Pet Package has two sizes Large 34" x 45" for $38.99 and Small 26" x 30" for $28.99; and the blankets come in an array of colors and patterns.  You can also get your blanket monogrammed, up to five letters for free and up to 10 letters for $5!

I am so very impressed by Dr. D’s Pet Package, and many of the items in this package I cannot just pick up at my local pet store, which is an added plus. I also appreciate that this box was specially picked out to meet our pet/puppy needs. It definitely makes this pet box stand out from the rest. For our family, we decided to split our box up between the pets (we have many), so that everyone could join in the fun.  The total value of this box came to approximately $59, excluding the cost of the blanket, which was $29, and the monthly subscription is only $49 per month for this box.  What a great value! To get all these products on my own, go to specialty pet stores, or order online with shipping costs would be way more.  We are going to have some happy pets now that we have found Dr. D’s Pet Package.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. D’s Pet Package or signing up, you can HERE. And make sure to check out all the pet blanket options, they are so cute, HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


*This box was received for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions and views about the box are my own, and no compensation, other than the box, were provided for my honest opinions. 

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